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The thrill of independent consulting is that I get to work with people who are the best in the world in what they do, the Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin of their fields. In the experience I feel that I get to learn more than anyone else in the room. In this KEY I bring you a simple and profound insight. You will discover what makes successful executive standout.
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Aviv Shahar

What makes a successful executive standout?

Here are four primary characteristics I've observed with executives who succeed through tough and challenging times and standout in the crowd:

  1. They are passionate and excited about growing. They turn setbacks into learning opportunities. They lean into challenge to discover how to develop their strengths and capabilities. They aren't defensive in the face of learning, they embrace it. They improve and evolve through ups and downs and turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
  2. They reframe the situation they are in. They take nothing as a given. They ask new questions. They find new ways of looking at problems. For example, instead of accepting a binary choice, they ask what would have to be true for these seemingly conflicting objectives to support each other.
  3. They are mindful about their time, focus and energy. They stay fit and energized physically, mentally and emotionally. They design their environments to help direct their energy and focus on what matters.
  4. They have fun. The world is not a scary jungle for them; it is a theater of untapped possibilities and yet-to-be-discovered opportunities. They enjoy their work. They love the challenge. They anticipate the thrill of solving problems.

How many people fit these four descriptions?

The great majority of the workforce doesn't fit these descriptions. They've lost their passion, they don't dare reframe the situation, they're not aware of the declining state of their energy and focus, and they're certainly not having any fun.

Perhaps one or two out of ten people in the workforce are passionate about growing; take nothing as a given; creatively embrace challenges; mindfully direct their focus and energy, and completely enjoy their work.

Now it's your turn. Turn the Key. Cultivate and build a team that's passionate about learning and growing, strive to take a fresh look at challenges, design the environment to focus on what matters and enjoy collaborating and creating the future.

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