Hello Leader,

How is 2014 going for you? Are you ready for a spring reboot?

From my experience and that of many of my clients, this year is showing itself to be a robust ride filled with surprises. Have you noticed that challenges and opportunities show up together?

If you feel blindsided or out of rhythm, now is a great time for a reboot. If you feel fatigued or uncertain, try a change in direction or behavior. If you are doing great and want to build on existing momentum, select a pivot from the list below to begin your revitalization.

In this KEY you will find a series of pivots you can implement immediately to reboot your work environment. Here are additional tips for your spring reboot.

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Aviv Shahar

17 Pivots for Your Spring Reboot

A pivot is a change in direction. At times, we all need to pivot . . . from where we are to where we want to be.

Here are 17 such pivots that can help you reboot, re-launch and build momentum.

Pivot #1. As a leader, you know you must focus on leading indicators - i.e., those that tell you about the future. Some of the best leading indicators include your team's energy, inventiveness, and enthusiasm. Why? They lead to new business success. Take care of your team.

Pivot #2. Benchmarking is overrated. It's a lagging indicator, a look into the rear view mirror that won't show you what's ahead - and may divert your attention, causing you to crash. Turn the benchmarking cycle (shaping the past) into the innovation loop (solving the future).

Pivot #3. How do you cause leadership to happen? By embarking on an audacious vision and allowing the work of actualization to lead. Ask your team to reimagine the future.

Pivot #4. If you feel out of sync, you must change your lane. Refuse to be a victim. Disrupt the pattern. Take command.

Pivot #5. All capabilities and assets must be pulled together in support of your innovation efforts. Give me a call to help you design for serendipity and reboot your innovation strategy.

Pivot #6. Change or be changed. Grow or wither. Thrive or atrophy. You get to decide whether you are defined by what you were yesterday or by what you grow to serve tomorrow. Make a conscious choice. Take action to make it happen.

Pivot #7. When everyone else is an expert about what has been, you must become an expert on unpacking what is yet to be. Redirect the focus, so you can reframe challenges into opportunities.

Pivot #8. Why do people hold onto losing positions? Because they're emotionally invested in an outdated narrative and they refuse to accept the pain of loss. We've all seen otherwise bright leaders whose pride makes them hold on to outdated views, only to crash and burn. Use your samurai sword to separate you from the pride of your yesterdays. Let go of the old story so that the new story can find you.

Pivot #9. You must nurture the renewal of precious resources: enthusiasm about a shared future and commitment to do the work of actualization. They produce willingness, inventiveness, and lead to miraculous breakthroughs. Make sure you nurture the resources that are vital to achieving your desired outcomes.

Pivot #10. Suppressing innovation is not a strategy for winning. Recall what happened when Kodak suppressed the first digital camera, which was its own invention. Speed, collaboration, iterative learning, and rapid application produce differentiation. Take smart risks. Free up creativity. Empower emergent leadership.

Pivot #11. Forward movement creates confidence, which creates forward movement. These two elements together create a virtuous loop that allows us to make decisions, collaborate, and partner effectively. Eliminate fear. Be transparent and build confidence. Empower your team to lead confidently.

Pivot #12. Most of what we take for granted today was once an impossibly audacious vision that felt overwhelming and scary to most. If you overwhelm no one and get zero pushback, you are not audacious enough. Dare to create a bold future. Surprise yourself and exceed your own expectations. Never hold back or hesitate on the runway. Takeoff velocity is made possible by full throttle.

Pivot #13. There are indeed only a few rare super-humans. But you needn't be one to achieve success. Instead, develop and actualize bold ideas by building a super team.

Pivot #14. Applied learning is the most overlooked differentiator between mediocre and outstanding results. Increase your learning velocity by consistently debriefing: identify and repeat what worked well, and apply what you've discovered from your mistakes. Move from learning to application as effortlessly as you move from inhale to exhale.

Pivot #15. If you are occupied in back-to-back meetings you shutout serendipity and close off growth insights. Create space for new opportunities.

Pivot #16. Perfection-seeking is a mental disorder. Being ready doesn't mean being perfect, it means you are good enough to take action. Start now; course correct on the move

Pivot #17. You realize your purpose by making everyone you touch a little better. Develop mastery in what you do. Whatever you do, do it well. Work to make a difference every day.

Now it's your turn. Turn the key. Take charge. Renew. Let go of sabotaging pride. Lead with wisdom. Believe in yourself and the talent you attract.

Believe in the future you are creating. Then bring it to life.

© Aviv Shahar