Hi Leader,

In Three Resilience Starters I shared with you Don’s excitement about discovering his resilient profile. I suggested that you build a practice of resilience to improve every aspect of your life and work.

Think about resilience not as one thing but as a combined output of five pillars:

  • Physical resilience enables you to recover quickly from exhaustion and from illness.
  • Mental resilience allows you to rapidly assimilate information, see multiple points of view and focus on what’s essential.
  • Emotional resilience lets you stay calm under pressure and choose your response when you are upset or angry.
  • Social resilience helps you overcome resistance and ask for and receive help.
  • Spiritual resilience brightens you and inspires others.

If you do not experience surprise and obstacles you’ve confined yourself to a very limited expression of your talents. We all experience surprising setbacks. Building your resilience practice frees you up to discover versatility and joy along your journey.

In my work with highly successful leaders, I have observed that robust resilience practice is the game-changer.

Your Resilience Practice

Here are four additional resilience vitamins to kindle a resilience practice with your teams and family.

  1. Resilient living begins with the courage to renew yourself.
  2. Resilience is embracing the discomfort of fear and running head-on into what scares you to defuse it.
  3. To boost your resilience today, reject the dullness of the ordinary. Defy the sense of lifeless monotony. Step up to live into purpose right here, right now. Vitality and boundless energy are the hallmarks of resilience.
  4. Resilient leadership is taking ownership of this moment. Resilient leaders define their situation not by what happened but rather by what they do next, and the forward movement they create. The three Cs of resilient leaders are:
    • Clarity: you create options and clarify direction.
    • Confidence: you demonstrate poise and produce an environment that fosters success.
    • Competence: you catalyze movement, display aptitude and take action.

Now it's your turn. Turn the key. Boost your resilience practice. Renew yourself. Run into what frightens you. Step up to your opportunities. Demonstrate resilient leadership. Build with your teams a better more resilient future.

© Aviv Shahar