Hi Leader,

As the year comes to a close, I wish you a peaceful time of reflection and renewal. Renewal, healing, and inspiration are always nearby, in the simple moments of life.

Sara and I have an evening ritual. We each share three learnings and successes from the day. Here is the hummingbird lesson Sara recently shared.

For a few days Sara noticed the nectar in the hummingbird feeder stayed at the same level, even though the hummingbirds, full of vibrant vitality and thirst, kept coming to check on it. Upon investigation, Sara discovered the hummingbirds could not access the nectar because insect remains plugged the feeder. She washed the feeder to make it functional again, and the hummingbirds rejoiced in the nectar.

Sara realized that the hummingbirds never gave up hope, never stopped trying to access the nectar. They were industrious about their anticipation.

We turned to each other and said, can we afford to be less insistent and hopeful?

How will you use your insistent hope and renewal to uplift yourself and others throughout the coming year?

© Aviv Shahar