Hi Leader,

Successful leaders are adept at addressing both tactical and strategic aspects of their business. More specifically, I challenge my clients to define clearly their imperatives.

To create and sustain forward momentum, leaders must work concurrently on three aspects of their business: its present, its future, and its resources and capabilities. These are the three imperatives for business success.

In this key we will reflect on the first of these three imperatives for success and identify questions you must address about the present to build your business and leverage your opportunities. We will address the remaining two imperatives in future keys.

The 3 Imperatives for Business Success: The Present

Even experienced leaders are not always sure how best to address the three imperatives of business success: the present, the future, and organizational resources and capabilities. You easily can get blindsided and fall into one of the "traps" that halt or delay your progress. Managing all three imperatives simultaneously is the leadership challenge!

Below I share how we help clients handle these imperatives concurrently and successfully. Beginning with the first imperative, the present, in this and the next two keys I describe the imperative, give examples of how to meet it, and identify its traps. I also provide some reflection questions to help you assess your organization's readiness to address it.

Imperative of the present

  • What is it?
    The imperative of the present focuses on the requirements that must be addressed today in order to meet your business commitments. Failure to attend to these needs will shut the doors of tomorrow.
  • What must I do?
    Deliver the promised outcomes by demonstrating operational rigor. For example, focus on results, hold people accountable, eliminate distractions, and remove obstacles.
  • What is the potential trap?
    Imprudent leaders may believe that addressing today's needs automatically will take care of tomorrow. They are so obsessed with the "fire drills" of today that they don't think ahead at all.
  • Reflection questions:
    1. What are the needs I must address today?
    2. What time sensitive opportunities must we respond to at this time?
    3. What choices and decisions must I make right now?
    4. To address our next opportunities, what actions must I take to free up resources and catalyze movement?

After answering the reflection questions for the first imperative, the present, you will have the first steps of a blueprint for greater success in your organization. Take that self-assessment first step today.

  • Look for the next two imperatives for business success in future keys. Until then, call us to discuss how we can help you meet your imperatives and create the future of your organization.

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