Hi Leader,

My long-awaited book Create New Futures is available now on Amazon. In it, I am very excited to share a variety of the pragmatic tools, frameworks, mindsets, and techniques that I use with my most successful clients. My intention is to enable you to apply this information immediately and create your new future.

"See for yourself why so many large corporations rely on Aviv to help guide their future. This book is chock full of simple, useful models to help executives striving to open new organizational portals through innovative approaches and strategic thinking. Special stories illustrate every major point. Aviv's concise questions alone can provide hours of inspired pondering."

- Geoff Bellman, author, Extraordinary Groups and Getting Things Done When You Are Not in Charge

Why did I write Create New Futures? Why should you get your copy today?

When I wrote Create New Futures last summer, my goal was for you to discover concrete value and meaningful and inspiring ideas on every page. I sought to take you with me into the consulting and coaching trenches, and draw back the curtain a bit to show you how I help senior leaders imagine new possibilities and produce breakthroughs. Moreover, I was determined to give you access to my thinking process and frameworks. I wanted you to be able to implement these mindsets and ideas immediately by downloading a proven operating system that produces significant results.

"Before I met Aviv, I was an execution-is-everything type of leader. Our teams were focused on improvement, functioning well and consistently delivering strong results. I wasn't convinced that we needed help. Then, through a series of conversations, I agreed to give Aviv an opportunity to work with my senior staff. After several engagements with Aviv, our teams rapidly took performance to the breakout level. His methods helped us quickly transform our learning and insights into a coherent set of activities which created a remarkable new future, one in which we achieved many years of industry-leading performance in growth, market share, profitability and customer satisfaction. I highly recommend his book, Create New Futures, for leaders who desire to build stronger teams and dramatically improve the trajectory of their business."

- Ted Clark, Former Senior VP and GM, Hewlett Packard

Most business and strategy books are not very interesting or - let's face facts - downright boring. In writing Create New Futures, I set out to disclose how my thinking about producing game-changing impacts evolved. The result is not a linear, chronological story. Instead the information is organized as portals of discovery that integrate personal and professional experiences to provide immediacy of access, and to demonstrate how I have applied the techniques I share in my work. I hope this approach will inspire you to become more purposefully present in your life as you embark on the journey to create your new future.

I invite you to purchase your copy of Create New Futures today. "You can help me become a best-selling author on Amazon!" To place a bulk order for your team, visit here.

I look forward to hearing how you use my insights and techniques to create your new future. I would love to hear about your successes! "


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