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The Kindle file was updated and will provide you with a better reading experience. Here's what one author had to say about Create New Futures:

"Your organization's future success depends on innovation. Leaders hold the key to fostering an environment where innovation flourishes. Aviv's masterful story-telling inspires, enlightens, and compels leaders to embrace actions that create a preferred future in every part of their lives. Begin to create your desired future with this powerful book."

- Elaine Biech, author, The Art and Science of Training, Editor, The ASTD Leadership Handbook

Here is a sample of the content you will you find in Create New Futures:


Portal One: The Leadership Leverage
Where we discover what true leaders do and how you can begin to create a new future for yourself and your organization

Portal Two: What Is the Work That Creates New Futures?
Where we find a connection between the wisdom of Mandela and a NASA astronaut that enable us to better appreciate the transformative work required to shape the future.

Portal Three: The "What's Next?" Ladder
Where we learn that creating a new future requires leaders to generate intellectual firepower.

Portal Four: The Leadership Art of Recasting Mental Models
Where we discover what mental models are and why creating a new future requires building new mental models.

Portal Five: How to Scale and Speed Up by Slowing Down
Where we apply the Air Force debrief ritual to build a practice that can save your business and your life.

Portal Six: The Art and Science of Creating Breakthroughs
Where we explore the power of your Control Field and the virtuous cycle that creates breakthroughs.

Portal Seven: Begin With the Future
Where we develop the outcomes mindset and discover the power of three horizons thinking.

Portal Eight: The Opportunity Zone
Where we focus on the power of Big Bang learning and discover windows of opportunity.

Portal Nine: The Transformation Agent
In which we learn about the drivers for change, the process of adult learning and how to transform broken conversations to address unmet needs.

Portal Ten: The Wings of Purpose
In which we define mission, vision, and purpose, and discover the power of culture.

Portal Eleven: Building a Future in the Three-story House of Work
Where we explore a new thinking architecture and a template for action and growth.

Portal Twelve: Champions, Presence, and What Matters
Where we discover the 72-hour rule and the "half full" insight.

Where we explore your accelerating Universe, and discover how you can become a Universe-like person

"This is an engagingly honest book about the work of building an organizational future through a series of provocative questions and essential conversations. Aviv helped author what became my organizational strategy for transforming marketing strategy at P&G. In Create New Futures, Aviv shares his expertise to help you create momentum in your leadership work as if he were coaching you in real-time."

- Daniel Epstein, former Harley Procter Marketing Director, Procter & Gamble, Principal, Daniel Epstein & Associates, LTD.

Begin to create your new personal and professional future today! Create New Futures is available now on Amazon.


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