Hi Leader,

Lots of exciting new here at Create New Futures headquarters! First, here is my Forbes interview where we discussed the sobering fact that too many teams and organizations only use 40-60% of their actual creative and productive capacity. The urgent need of organizations is to open that untapped potential and direct it towards opportunities to shape the future.

In addition to the recent publication of my book Create New Futures and the release of the audio version on iTunes and Audible, I am excited to announce the upcoming launch of my podcast show.

Why a podcast show? Well, life is just too short to not be engaged in fascinating conversations.

My conversations with leaders, experts, and interesting people will explore some of the strategies and practices addressed in my book that help people shape their futures.

More than ever before, humanity needs people who are prepared to imagine, create and sustain new futures. This is a time of transformative and disruptive change. At its deepest level, the impulse of change is an expression of an evolutionary process that awakens the evolution of consciousness and society at large. Business leaders can play an important role in the laboratory of discovery, where new ways solving are tested and honed.

This evolving transition is not a straight or linear process. It can be messy, moving forward one moment and recoiling the next. Because every trend contains its countertrend, we are experiencing a great clash of opposing values, beliefs, and visions of the future. But it is through this chaotic process, where disruptive technological and economic transitions converge with global, societal and political turmoil, that innovative solutions and extraordinary possibilities emerge.

This process demands our best imagination, courage and creativity. It seeks and calls for new forms of leadership in business, in the public sector and in society at large. Complex impossibilities and even breakdowns are the fertile soil for breakthroughs that will thrive. The extraordinary resurgence of Florida’s Space Coast, a little north of where we do the winter is a case in point. As the WSJ reports, the end of the NASA’s space program in 2011 resulted in the loss of 9000 jobs. Very few people imagined then that six years later, nearly 8000 new Space related jobs will be created here, stimulated by commercial space companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin and others.

My goal in launching the Create New Futures podcast show is to inspire you to recognize how you can contribute to the world, and be tomorrow’s agent in small and large ways wherever you operate. My guests and I will focus on conversations that fortify value and meaning, and that spark novel conversations and innovative ways to enable new futures.

I hope you will join me for these explorations. When you do, you are sure to discover ideas and practices that you’ll be able to apply right away to energize your life and your work.

"Finally, after 12 years of Aviv’s inspirational work with my teams in three different companies, Create New Futures is here. Like Aviv’s strategy workshops, this book will make you think in entirely new ways about your business, and about your life. As a result, you will be richer, stronger, and more prepared to embark on your development journey ahead."

- David Berman, President, Zoom Video Communications

In the following audio excerpt from my book, I answer three questions. First, what is the distinctive point of advocating for new futures? Second, why is this book designed as portals rather than as chapters? Third, how can this format reveal the nature of the evolutionary process now underway?

Listen to the excerpt here:


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