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This Key is about the critical state you must maintain to be viable and able to respond in your business and in your life. ‘Smart’ means knowing what to do. ‘Wisdom’ is having your various roles and experiences inform and instruct each other.

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Staying Fluid

Your personal and professional roles both live inside you. Do you let these roles teach and instruct each other?

If you are not liquid, you are out of business. Water can freeze and it can boil. You can freeze. And you can boil. But more importantly, you can choose to stay liquid, which helps you stay fluid. These are the three states. Ice is fixed and brittle. Steam evaporates and is no longer contained. Water is the universal solvent. It is malleable, supportive and resilient.

Are you liquid?

  1. Are you liquid and fluid in your business?
  2. Are you solvent and resilient in your life?
  3. Are you solvent in your key relationships? Are you replenishing these relationships?
  4. Are you solvent in your growth and development? Are you renewing your development?
  5. How about your organizational solvency – are you revitalizing engagement with your team?

Solvency is more than survival. It is being able to deliver on your obligations, promises and responsibilities. It offers you flexibility, range of opportunities and capacity to respond.

The adaptive range where you are resilient is above the freezing point and below the boiling point. Staying solvent and operating in your adaptive range is always critical, especially in time of challenge. To be credit worthy and trust worthy you must be liquid. This mindset is vital in your cash flow management and in everything else. We propose that you adopt this natural metaphor of the three states of water, ice and steam to inventory your business and your life. It’s a great idea to continually review and evaluate and to not take yourself or your situation for granted. Find out what you must do to remain solvent in all aspects of your life-to adaptively create solutions and manage your roles and responsibilities. Coaching can offer tremendous help and benefits for you in this.

Wealth, wellness and wisdom are found in the resilience range, which is represented in this frame of mind by the state of water. Your career, your business, your personal growth and key relationships are each in one of these three states:

1st – Ice: Frozen and arrested

2nd – Vapor: Dispersed and vanishing

3rd – Water: Supple and sustained adaptively

The liquid state offers renewal. The frozen state is hard and fragile. The vapor state has lost form, is no longer intact and not contained.

High on Value, Low on Ego

Are you organizationally liquid? Dependability, willingness and initiative in your team tell you it is energized and “liquid”. You are assured your organization is credit worthy by the results it produces and its readiness to embrace change and repurpose efforts. Paralyzing politics and bureaucracy tend to freeze organizations in the past. Undisciplined exuberance of startups can evaporate quickly unless directed into a stable development process. Organizational agility and resilience are found in the liquid state-where each plays an important part in the greater flow. And most essential for the flow is a culture that is high on value and low on ego.

Obsessing about the past is a frozen state. Dreaming about the distant future without focused action is a quick way to evaporate. The rule of white water rafting is maneuvering safely between the next rocks. The rock you just passed no longer matters. The rocks a mile down the river will matter only if you actually get there. You stay fluid and flowing by focusing on what you can control and on what you can influence.

Grow Your Comfort Zone

Finally, discover the range you enjoy in the fluid state. Like water, you can move from cold to hot and find a comfort zone in the middle. The key is staying in that range. To live, you stay above freezing. And you make sure to avoid boiling. The art of living then, is to expand your comfort zone in the middle; to be flexible; to adaptively move through cold and hot; to remain fluid, versatile and capable of renewal.

Here is your inventory:
1. How solvent are you:

  • – With your health?
  • – In key relationships?
  • – In your career?
  • – Financially?

2. Which of these needs attention, energy and focus?

3. In what area do you need to renegotiate your commitments and realign expectations?

4. How will you renew yourself? How will you build your adaptive range?

Now it’s your turn. Turn the Key. Help yourself and the people that look to you to renew and to stay solvent and to lead.

© Aviv Shahar

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