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This KEY is about four things you must do as a leader. Explore these four leadership actions and reflect on your strengths. Discover the opportunity gaps you must focus on. Build your charisma and impact. Lead your teams to create the future.

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Aviv Shahar

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Four Things A Leader Must Do

You are a leader not because of your title. You are a leader because you help the people you work with. To thrive as a leader you have to do and be four things. You have to be: Informational, Motivational, Inspirational and Transformational.

1. Informational: You look at the data. You focus on the facts. You share these openly, transparently and fully. And you tell it as it is. Remember, the genesis of the next crisis is in what we do not know. You build confidence by demonstrating that you are a truth-teller. You help the people around you give their best by telling them what the case is. The beginning of change is in recognizing the situation you are in. As a leader, we need you to show us and share with us what you see. Be informational.

2. Motivational: The data is what it is. Your response to the facts, your approach to the data is everything. People focus on negative news because it gets them off the hook. It’s an alibi, an excuse to not have to engage and do the work to move forward. For example, the state of the economy is what it is but what about your response and the state of your economy. You improve your economy dramatically when you focus on what you can control and influence. It is the beginning of personal mastery – choosing to take responsibility, to chart your path, to make your day. Your motivation is in your stance, in the story you choose to tell about what you see. You never enroll us in the facts. You enroll us in your action and the story you bring to the facts. We are looking to see how you enroll yourself in action. How you make your choices. Motivation is about energy, confidence, and self-worth; about believing you can make a difference. Motivation is about making a difference. Be motivational.

3. Inspirational: The spirit is even more resilient than the body. You can run the 100 meter dash on motivation alone. For the marathon you need to couple it with inspiration. Inspiration is found in the great recovery from doubt and from loss. You are given the power to make something out of nothing, to embark on what was never done before. Inspiration is to be uplifted and helped by something seen or invisible. You turn the impossible to possible, and the seemingly difficult into a graceful act. As a leader, your inspiration produces courage and fortitude and is contagious. We experience your inspiration and begin to find our own. You inspire us to believe in ourselves and in our own ability to create extraordinary results. Be Inspirational.

4. Transformational: To transform is to lead. You bring information, motivation and inspiration into action and you get a transformational result. Action is the key. This is a universe that loves new beginnings and initiative. It loves new birth and action. You are seeking to birth yourself from what was, into a new realm of can-do power and possibilities. Half the work of transformation is in what you let go of, in what you choose to no longer do. Transformation is in the energy and resources you free up and repurpose. You create a new future as you move into a new space. As a leader, we observe you transforming you. We watch you transforming your environment. You inform us, you motivate us and you inspire us to transform ourselves and our own future. Be Transformational.

Now it’s your turn. Turn the Key. Engage in the act of leading. Inform. Motivate. Inspire. Transform. Become the leader you can be.

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