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This KEY is about your role as a leader. Discover the Ten Faces of Leadership and reflect on your leadership strengths. Identify the most critical leadership capacities you must now focus on and exercise. Lead your teams to create the future.

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Aviv Shahar

Les Berkes Director, Center for Leadership Excellence – Hewlett Packard:
“Aviv is the most remarkable consultant / coach I’ve encountered in my business career. In addition to his expertise in team and leadership development, Aviv brings a deep wisdom to his clients. He enables senior leaders the luxury of reflection and influences, inspires, and challenges us to the exercise of level five plus leadership. I know I am a better leader because of Aviv’s impact.”

The Ten Faces of Leadership

Leadership is situational. The requirements of each situation are unique. Needs and opportunities change and are based on circumstance. Great leaders are adaptive and versatile – they instinctively assess the requirements of the situation, adapt and frame their style and modus operandi to best serve.

Here are the Ten Faces of leadership, coupled with the five-color learning code:

1. The Pathfinder – Visionary. Finds and charts the way forward; identifies the North Star in the darkness. (Green)

2. The Mentor – Coach. Develops performers. Recognizes the potential and talent of others. Asks great questions. Listens. Grows leaders. (Green)

3. The Integrator – Collaboration Champion; psychologist; quilt maker. Brings diverse people, viewpoints and ideas together to produce results greater than the sum of the individual parts. (Yellow)

4. The Storyteller – Meaning Maker. Master of symbol and metaphor. Meme and culture specialist. Creates narratives that provide context and purpose and captures the spirit of the endeavor. (Yellow)

5. The Problem Solver – Creative. Clear headed. Reframes problems as opportunities; matches needs with resources. Shapes outcomes. (Blue)

6. The Father Cover – Mr. / Ms. Safety and Accountability. Creates an umbrella cover and guarantees that all is well; knows what’s going on and enables development, correction and progress. (Blue)

7. The Energizer – Mr. / Ms. Passion and belief. The optimist and the salesman. The communication megaphone. Creates excitement. Cheers on the team. Communicates, communicates, communicates. (Red)

8. The Director – Stage-crafter. Master of experience and engagement. Designs the stage, creates the theater and sees that it all gets executed on time. (Red)

9. The Kaleidoscope – Analytical; pattern recognizer. Sees the forest and the trees. Identifies the relationships. Helps create frameworks of understanding. Teacher. (White)

10. The Compass – Mr. / Ms. Ethics and fairness. Does the right thing. Keeper
of perspective. Guardian of quality and standards. (White)

Reflect and Act

Here are three questions to reflect upon to further your leadership development:

1. In which three of these 10 faces are you most comfortable as a leader?

2. Which of these 10 faces represent your top strengths?

3. If these 10 faces are ten leadership muscles, which one or two muscles must you practice and strengthen?

Call or write to us today to find out about leadership development and coaching opportunities for your team. Now it’s your turn. Turn the Key. Develop your unique leadership face. Become the greater leader you can be.

Special Note About The Color Code for Learning Professionals:

Most of the currently available training methods in businesses are accented on brain learning. This is evident in the rampant usage of four-quadrant frameworks. There are dozens of strategies based on the four quadrants, the ‘important/urgent’ being one of the most popularized. Many of these are useful but are limited because they miss the insight communicated by the Vitruvian Man drawn by Leonaro da Vinci. Namely, that the human soul is five-fold as expressed by five fingers, five senses, five extensions of the body and so on. The Vitruvian insight points to the five-fold information processing and learning of the human.

By analogy, the human is a radio-set designed to process and interpret five dimensions of intelligence which we codify by the colors: Green, Yellow, Blue, Red and White. Soul learning is five-fold. It goes beyond brain learning (four-fold) and creates faster, deeper and more sustainable results. So many of the intractable problems witnessed in organizations today and in the world at large are a symptom of brain fixation on outdated systems. The next frontier of learning and development design is in reintegrating the five dimensions of intelligence. Together with our network of colleagues, we have been for three decades on the forefront of developing advanced coaching modalities to help professionals meet 21st century challenges and thrive. The Ten Faces of Leadership is one aspect of this body of work, which has helped create breakthrough results in Fortune 100 companies around the world. This body of work also includes:

* The five color intelligences
* The leader coach and the five steps of coaching
* The five colors of learning and process inclinations
* The five emotions (higher and lower)
* Overcoming the five resistances
* The five elements of resilience
And more.

© Aviv Shahar

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