Hello Leader,

In this KEY, I’d like to share with you Seven Summer Springboards that can help you reboot and find your next opportunities. Please forward this KEY to friends, family and associates.


Aviv Shahar

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Seven Summer Springboards

  1. Renew yourself. It’s critical to renew yourself and innovate whatever you do. New energy, new ideas, fresh thinking and approach attract possibilities and engender breakthroughs. Reinvent yourself. Reinvigorate your growth and development.
  2. Stay intact. Keep your word. Do what you believe in and what you know is right. Look after your health and well being. Stay physically and mentally intact. Good things join intactness.
  3. Create surplus. The six main expenditures are: housing, food, transportation, energy, medicine and entertainment. The three precious assets you apply to generate income are: your time, your energy and your mental focus. Combine these three to produce extraordinary value. Create significant surplus and you will never be found without.
  4. Embrace resistance. What resists you offers you support and enables your progress and movement forward. Most of your learning and growth, right from your toddler years until this moment took place when you decided to lean into resistance and turn it into stepping stones and a springboard for your development.
  5. Reexamine your assets. Take another Look at your talents, capabilities, resources and network of friends. Identify new connections and combinations. Create and sculpt new opportunities.
  6. Let go. Let go of old things you no longer use. Get rid of what occupies space but adds no value. Let go of pains, complaints and judgments that hold you to the past. Set yourself free from beliefs, attachment and associations that no longer match and support your values and directional journey.
  7. Take authorship. Your life is your signature. No one else has authorship over your life. Do not let other people’s expectation or likes and dislikes write the next chapter of your life. You have authorship.

Now it’s your turn. Turn the Key. Renew yourself. Stay intact. Create surplus. Embrace resistance. Reexamine your assets. Let go. Take authorship for the future you are creating.

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