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In the Future of Coaching we explored key coaching trends. In this key you will find practices used by successful coaches and consultants to create impact and accelerate results.

The universe is a learning system. It enables and embraces change. Species that survive epoch changes and thrive do so by being able to adapt and evolve; so is the case with triumphant civilizations, cultures and organizations. They are able to transform their behavior, and rejuvenate their interaction with the environment without losing their inner content and identity.

To thrive we must all be fast learners. Use this KEY to consider how you can become a universe-like person in agility, learning and creativity.

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Aviv Shahar

What Successful Coaches and Consultants Do

If coaching is a critical component of your leadership toolkit in your work with your teams; if you choose to go into coaching or make coaching part of your consulting practice, you will need to develop four key practices that will enable you to create profound value for clients:

  1. Develop specialized relationships
  2. Build holistic knowhow
  3. Bring high energy
  4. Continue growing and evolving

Here are some of the disciplines and capabilities that build these four practices:
Develop specialized relationships:

  • Develop deep understanding of your clients.
  • Foster radical trust and open conversations.
  • Understand your client's goals, capabilities, struggles, and sweet spot.
  • Listen with presence, and help see new possibilities.
  • Help your clients build accountability and fortify their resilience and resolve.

Build holistic knowhow:

  • Bring to the table vast knowledge of the whole system and the environments in which your clients operate.
  • Integrate grasp of strategy, business, innovation and organizational dynamics with deep understanding of psychology, spirituality, and personal development.
  • Personalize the methodology needed, and offer just-in-time insight and intelligence.
  • Engage analytical, creative and intuitive capabilities.
  • Help your client apply whole-brain-whole-mind to create whole-system development.

Bring high energy:

  • Bring enthusiasm and passion to help transform the situation.
  • Catalyze intensity and help your clients unleash their unique gifts.
  • Convey vitality, ability and focus.
  • Help your clients suspend disbelief, and source an authentic voice and vision.
  • Be an outstanding energy source yourself, and encourage clients to create movement.

Continue growing and evolving:

  • Continue to develop new intellectual fire power.
  • Be an avid learner of all fields, including the arts, business, psychology, geopolitics and what makes markets move.
  • Continue to puzzle the mysteries of life and of what works and what creates breakthroughs.
  • Demonstrate iterative learning and be quick to move from insight to action.
  • Help your clients see the transformative power of their journey and realize their opportunities.
  • Grow, evolve, and live the unlived life.

The implementation of these practices will make your coaching invaluable to your teams and clients.

To create profound value:

  • Help your client create dramatic improvements.
  • Stimulate new awareness, provide tools and techniques and offer strategic insights.
  • Help your client overcome resistance, take action and accelerate results.
  • Help him or her improve the situation of the people they serve.
  • Make the client stronger, faster, more competent, confident and attractive.

Now it's your turn. Develop powerful relationships. Build holistic knowhow. Bring high energy. Continue to grow and evolve. Create profound value by helping your clients innovate and build new futures for people and organizations.

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