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You can find here my full conversation with Amitay and Natalie about the three-fold response strategy to the Corona virus. Here is the 6 min strategy distillation.

Cutting Through the Noise and Staying Positively Balanced

A three fold response strategy to the four Corona crisis vectors

Questions we focused on:

  • How do you stay positively balanced and focused during times of crisis?
  • How do you survive the crisis physically, mentally and spiritually?
  • What is the influence and power of collective energy and how do you harness it in a positive way?

The points we covered:

  1. Identify the four vectors of the crisis:
    1. The Corona virus
    2. Global stock markets implosions (a viral influence by itself)
    3. Panic triggered by #1 and by #2 (a viral influence by itself)
    4. All secondary and tertiary consequences and side effects, in some cases more devastating than the first three vectors.
  2. Apply a three-fold strategy to respond effectively and triage separately each of the four vectors, not as a panic-based aggregate:
    1. What must do to take care of your health and well-being?
    2. What must you do to deliver on your mission-critical commitments?
    3. Pivot from defense to offense - how can this situation be an opportunity to create and accelerate a desired future?
  3. Boost your immunity:
    1. Focus on what you can control: your mental focus, what you take in, and your response.
    2. Attend to routines and rituals that build clarity, energy and well-being.
    3. Pivot from chaos to calm, confidence and coherence of thought.
    4. Cultivate a community that generates individual and collective immunity.

Here is the 6 min strategy distillation.

And here is the full conversation.


"When you triage a crisis, there are many processes occurring all at the same time. It is important, if you are going to be able to develop effective responses that you are forensic on the diagnostic end, so that your prescriptive response is well informed."

"The third process that's underway, which is different from the first (corona virus) and the second (economic implosion), is Panic."

"Experience taught me that the authorities and the media will often overshoot an alarmist projection. No one is ever blamed for being too cautious. They are blamed if they fail to take preventative steps. The psychology of leaders therefore is to err on the alarmist end."

"Do what you must do to boost your immune power, biological immunity, psychological, emotional and spiritual immunity... sleep well, ensure optimal hydration and diet, smile and laugh and connect with friends that encourage all these in you."

"I would really hate it if I wasn't a possibilities thinker."

Listen here: Episode 81 - Cutting Through the Noise with Diane Helbig

Episode Summary:

Diane Helbig is an international business and leadership change agent, author, award-winning speaker and podcast host. As President of Seize This Day, Diane employs a straight-forward, non-nonsense approach to help businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably. In this episode, Aviv and Diane expound on the importance of curiosity and active listening, approaching conflict with a desire to be helpful, and believing in your own success.

What We Covered:

00:46 - Introducing today's guest, Diane Helbig
01:47 - What Diane enjoys the most about her work
02:40 - Diane speaks to the most common needs of the clients she works with
05:22 - Traits of the most successful business owners
08:40 - The importance of genuine curiosity and active listening
17:58 - Strategies for building effective systems and structures
21:05 - Diane's learning and evolution process
22:44 - Diane recalls a time she needed to apply courage to her work
27:43 - The importance of character
29:08 - Diane recalls two of the most memorable interviews she's conducted on her podcast, Accelerate Your Business Growth
31:50 - Lessons Diane has learned from creating her podcast show
33:35 - What Diane would do differently if given the chance
35:46 - Two learning Diane values above all others
39:08 - Parting words of wisdom and insights from Diane
40:14 - Now it's your turn, create meaningful conversations through curiosity, choose to be helpful, and become a possibility thinker


"I do think people are basically curious. I think so many of these business owners have had this idea drilling into them that they're supposed to be talking instead of listening that I think they've lost some of that muscle - some of that ability to just be quiet in the moment and listen." (09:35)

"The more you focus on selling, the less you're actually going to sell because you are going to repel the people you are trying to attract to you. No one likes a salesperson. So, you're really sabotaging your entire effort by focusing on scarcity instead of abundance." (15:37)

"I believe that I am a student of people. I am very observant of how people motor - how they do the things they do - and where that's coming from." (21:17)

"So my advice would be go out and get yourself a really nice notebook and a pen that you like to write with and carry them with you everywhere you go. And as these ideas come to you, write them down. And remember that you can do anything you wanna do; you just can't do it all at the same time." (34:19)

"I would really hate it if I wasn't a possibilities thinker." (36:32)

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