Cutting Through the Noise with Diane Helbig – Episode 81

“I would really hate it if I wasn’t a possibilities thinker.”

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Episode Summary

Diane Helbig is an international business and leadership change agent, author, award-winning speaker and podcast host. As President of Seize This Day, Diane employs a straight-forward, non-nonsense approach to help businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably. In this episode, Aviv and Diane expound on the importance of curiosity and active listening, approaching conflict with a desire to be helpful, and believing in your own success.

Essential Learning Points:

  • [00:46] – Introducing today’s guest, Diane Helbig
  • [01:47] – What Diane enjoys the most about her work
  • [02:40] – Diane speaks to the most common needs of the clients she works with
  • [05:22] – Traits of the most successful business owners
  • [08:40] – The importance of genuine curiosity and active listening
  • [17:58] – Strategies for building effective systems and structures
  • [21:05] – Diane’s learning and evolution process
  • [22:44] – Diane recalls a time she needed to apply courage to her work
  • [27:43] – The importance of character
  • [29:08] – Diane recalls two of the most memorable interviews she’s conducted on her podcast, Accelerate Your Business Growth
  • [31:50] – Lessons Diane has learned from creating her podcast show
  • [33:35] – What Diane would do differently if given the chance
  • [35:46] – Two learning Diane values above all others
  • [39:08] – Parting words of wisdom and insights from Diane
  • [40:14] – Now it’s your turn, create meaningful conversations through curiosity, choose to be helpful, and become a possibility thinker

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