Interview with Travis Chappell from Build Your Network – Episode 33

Jon Nastor

“The clearer you are about who your ideal client is, the more focused, the more targeted you can be, and the [greater] likelihood the chances of success.”

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Episode Summary

This is a replay from the Build Your Network podcast where I was interviewed by Travis Chappell.  In our conversation, I discuss the two core premises of my book, Create New Futures, the keys to building my network, what high achieving executives struggle with the most, and Travis asks me a series of rapid, random questions I had fun answering.

Essential Learning Points:

  • [01:40] – What I’m most excited about
  • [03:32] – My book, Create New Futures and its two core premises
  • [05:54] – How I find my clients
  • [06:37] – The key to building my network
  • [09:07] – What high achieving executives in top, large companies struggle with the most
  • [12:14] – Whether I believe if who you know or what you know is more important and why
  • [16:16] – I share two examples where I made connections with people and they became champions for me in my life and helped me to succeed
  • [21:52] – How mentorships and mastermind settings have been important to me
  • [23:18] – What I would tell someone who has never had a mentor or been involved in a mastermind
  • [26:27] – Using one of your best assets: attention and focus
  • [29:52] – The three professions I think would be fun to attempt
  • [30:19] – Who I would sit with on a park bench (past or present) and speak with for an hour
  • [31:12] – My favorite medium for consuming content
  • [31:42] – What my typical morning routine looks like
  • [32:19] – My go-to pump-up song
  • [32:33] – What I’m not very good at

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