Clients return to us again and again because our collaboration creates profound results:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Accelerated growth
  • Breakthrough innovation
  • Enhanced effectiveness
  • Reduced waste
  • Happier and healthier teams

Case Studies

Rapid change and volatility are everywhere you look. There are bullish and bearish indicators in the market and in your field. You must differentiate yourself and your business. To thrive, your organization must be “mission critical” and create overwhelming value for your clients.

Here are some of the ways we’ve helped our clients create value for their clients.

A multi-billion dollar global business unit needed a vision and strategy to accelerate growth, expand market share, and grow top-line revenue – all while mitigating risk. Aviv Consulting was brought in to help create and implement this plan with the executive team.

We began by helping the executive team evaluate threats and opportunities, so they could develop future scenarios.

We conducted a series of global workshops, involving a hundred people from multiple functions and client organizations, to develop ideas that drive growth and innovation.

We held a three-day strategy summit with the senior global team to explore the growth opportunities, ideate business development options, and agree on top priorities and an execution plan.

The team asked, “Where are we as a team?” “Where are we going?” and “What must be true for us to win?” During the summit, the team realized they needed to make critical portfolio choices that would allow them to repurpose resources for their highest growth opportunities.

Combining business-and-strategy conversations with leadership, coaching and culture topics helped the team align on an inspired course of action.

The senior team honed the strategic priorities and energized the entire organization. The business unit’s focused execution led to spectacular growth.

For five successive years, the team’s annual revenue and shipments—resulted in unparalleled industry leadership.

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Develop a portfolio of disruptive innovations

The CEO of a multinational corporation charged the president of the new business creation (NBC) groups with rejuvenating the innovation portfolio of the company. They needed to develop a series of disruptive innovation opportunities and new businesses. The president assembled a task force of inventors, and leaders from the marketing, consumer knowledge, design and R&D functions and business. Aviv Consulting was brought in to help design and facilitate the work of the task force to accelerate results.

We interviewed the members of the task force to learn about how they work best and how they’ve produce their best breakthroughs.

We helped design the task force space and choreography of the innovation process. The process included carefully designed stimulations and ideation techniques, sequenced to accelerate idea throughput.

We facilitated divergent and convergent conversations and structured and unstructured display thinking sessions to accelerate new connections and “force serendipity.”

We helped the task force evaluate the strategic fit and potential of the opportunities and select the best innovation and business ideas.

The task force developed an innovation portfolio made of 32 new business opportunities. The new businesses include a series of disruptive technologies with opportunities for multi-billion dollar brands.

A task force manager said: “We’ve been able to collapse a two-week incidence into 12 hours.”

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Innovate brand building

A leading consumer products company chartered a team to create innovative brand-building strategies that would increase brand attachment at lower marketing dollars. Aviv Consulting was brought in to help the team plan the work and develop the strategies.

We worked with the executive leading the team to design the organizational roadmap.

We defined critical dates with destiny and helped steer the innovation team to create momentum.

We then helped develop a series of global conferences with multi-function groups to ideate, prototype and align on a set of new brand building methodologies and strategies.

The brand-building innovation team accelerated progress by 3X, and delivered purpose-inspired brand building innovation strategies far ahead of schedule.

The team was able to build a broad coalition of supporters and implementers that drove a holistic approach to brand building initiatives.

The changes are transforming the way brand building is done and driving increased returns on marketing dollars.

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Transform to create competitive differentiation

The leader of the purchasing division in a multinational corporation embarked on a bold undertaking with his senior team: They wanted to transform the global procurement function with a 2020 vision and action plan to drive sustained competitive differentiation for the entire company.

The objective was to create and execute on a blueprint of how the organization – its work, design, and partnering strategy – needed to change to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Aviv Consulting was brought in to help design the process and ensure the organization became fully engaged in creating and deploying an innovative vision for change without disrupting the day-to-day operations.

We helped design the transformation roadmap.

We worked with the executive team on framing the challenges and opportunities ahead and the questions that must be answered to drive significant value for the company and build the desired future.

We helped create and deliver a series of workshops with diverse focus groups to generate strategic foresight on new value creation opportunities.

We explored sourcing and market trends and how the organization needs to transform to support these opportunities.

We interviewed company’s thought leaders and identified opportunities for quick wins and potential pilots.

We then conducted a three-day leadership summit with 50 leaders to solidify the vision of the organization and prioritize key initiatives and opportunities.

The organization implemented the roadmap and action plan. The leadership team aligned on a series of breakthrough initiatives that enabled them to:

  • Increase savings
  • Increase contribution and value
  • Increase organizational agility in response to emerging opportunities
  • Attract and retain world class talent
  • Accelerate results

The effort generated tremendous energy and excitement throughout the global teams as they contributed and co-created the future of the organization. This energy and the action plan is delivering savings, new sources of value and accelerated business results.

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Deliver increased sales and retain top talent

A top software-as-a-service company needed to increase sales and drive aggressive growth. Management noticed that many of the company’s top performers were suffering from burnout. To continue the company’s accelerated growth, they needed not only to retain their best producers, they needed to inspire and motivate their teams to feel that they were each growing and propelling the company’s success. Aviv Consulting was asked to design an innovative leadership program to help retain key managers and drive growth.

We developed the Emerald Keys program to teach a proven set of principles used by exceptionally successful people.

We designed and delivered a series of Emerald Keys workshops for the executives, managers and the top performers. These workshops helped people with their purpose, focus, decision-making, and resilience.

Participants applied the Emerald Keys and the transformational practices that enabled them to dramatically improve effectiveness, versatility and communication results.

The organization retained top performers and doubled sales to achieve dramatic growth.

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Transform the organization to enable rapid growth

The CEO of a Fortune 25 organization wanted to increase his company’s profitability, while reducing its costs. To achieve that, he asked the head of Global Services to consolidate. To deliver on this objective, Global Services needed to develop new capabilities, engage new clients, and transform the way they did business. Aviv Consulting was asked to help create the method of change.

We facilitated a discovery workshop to create a picture of the future, identify key gaps and develop a roadmap for accelerated growth and transformation.

We helped the leadership team design the change methodology, which featured quick wins that excited the team and kept them energized for continuing growth.

We then facilitated a leadership summit, focusing on the key organizational, cultural and behavioral changes needed to accelerate the transformation.

Global Services accelerated its transformation and delivered — ahead of schedule — cost savings of several hundred million dollars.

The organization also developed a method for continuous improvement that extended the project’s operational excellence benefits well into the future.

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Develop and implement organizational strategy

A multinational corporation’s procurement organization needed to streamline the supply chain in order to drive savings. At the same time, they needed to improve the quality of the supply chain’s performance. Aviv Consulting was brought in to help the leadership team develop the strategy to deliver these objectives.

We worked with the senior executive team to identify market threats and opportunities.

We guided the team in developing future scenarios and framing a series of strategic alternatives.

We designed and facilitated a three-day strategy summit, which enabled the extended team to come together for the first time.

We structured a sequence of divergent and convergent conversations that helped the team decide on its priorities and create a roadmap for improving organizational effectiveness.

The team compressed a nine-month process into three days…and agreed on eight concrete organizational and strategic initiatives. These initiatives included business management practices, new communication tools, talent management programs, and quality and partner relationships.

The eight strategic initiatives increased effectiveness and delivered significant savings to the company’s bottom line.

The organization exceeded its projections and developed an action-based culture that balanced speed and efficiency with effective communication.

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Improve collaboration and innovation

A global supply chain organization found that low employee engagement and poor morale were adversely affecting collaboration and business results. They asked Aviv Consulting to:

  1. develop a change strategy to improve engagement and collaboration, and build trust; and
  2. foster innovative practices to strengthen productivity and competitiveness.

We worked with the senior team in a series of workshops to develop the organizational values and vision.

We coached the team on adaptive leadership, and a communication and feedback practice.

We then developed a program to hone the three propulsions of great organizations (Propulsion #1. improve efficiency; Propulsion #2. optimize effectiveness; Propulsion #3. accelerate innovation).

By embracing the “solution gym” practice, the leadership team quickly turned conversations that focused on problems into conversations that focused on options and solutions.

The team also discovered new ways of communicating and appreciating each other’s ideas, which led to new ways of working together.

A dramatic increase in employee engagement, significant improvement in effectiveness, and accelerated problem-solving enabled the organization to exceed its savings and business objectives in the next three years.

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Create the best workplace and accelerate growth

A global sales and marketing organization needed to drive sales growth, improve employee engagement, build stronger collaboration, and foster a coaching culture. Leadership wanted to create the most-admired workplace. Aviv Consulting was brought in to create a program that would deliver these outcomes.

We designed a three-legged leadership talent program:

  1. Team development – “Action Learning” solutions on business issues
  2. Personal development – Mentoring with experienced executives
  3. Organizational development – A series of leadership workshops

The organization experienced dramatic improvement in employee engagement, delivered sales growth and brought exemplary business results.

96% of participants reported that the program positively contributed to their job satisfaction and engagement, and helped them create collaborative community at work. 98% of participants said the program helped them better understand their strengths and be more strategic about their career development and personal growth.

Significant improvement in the voice-of-the-workforce survey results matched improvements in the business.

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Develop shared vision, alignment and priorities

The Chief Learning Officer of a Fortune 50 company approached Aviv Consulting to design and deliver a leadership retreat for the senior learning and development team. The objective was to foster shared vision, create alignment and catalyze best practices, and deliver significant savings.

We designed and delivered a leadership retreat and facilitated a series of crucial conversations to help the team resolve conflicts and coalesce on strategy, best practices, priorities and methods.

The retreat helped the leadership team overcome conflicts and agree on an accelerated roadmap for change.

The organization implemented the changes they agreed on, delivered significant savings and exceed their business objectives.

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Build market share and revenue growth

The CEO of a privately-owned distribution company needed to expand market share and accelerate growth. He asked Aviv Consulting to help him develop market expansion alternatives and guide a board of directors retreat to foster shared vision and alignment.

We conducted a discovery workshop with the CEO and his senior team.

We then helped frame a range of market expansion directions. We designed a board of directors retreat in which we explored a series of future trends and decided on the company’s direction.

The company expanded into new markets and delivered extraordinary growth. Its rapid expansion led it to being acquired by a Fortune 500 company.

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Improve communication and influencing skills

A group of managers identified the need to improve communication and influencing skills. They approached Aviv Consulting to help them increase their effectiveness in driving projects with peers and virtual teams where no solid reporting lines existed.

We designed a coaching club curriculum that involved a series of individual coaching sessions with each of the managers and a series of workshops with the whole group. The individual coaching sessions focused on concrete situational needs within their projects, as well as personal goals. The workshops focused on communication skills and a series of influencing frameworks.

The managers reported dramatic improvement in their communication skills and ability to influence, which led to accelerated engagement and results in their global projects. Additionally, managers reported improved personal productivity, focus, and well-being.

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