All great champions, whether you are in business, sports, art, lifelong learning, or a profession of leading others, must grapple with the challenges of utilizing time and energy.

Those who truly realize exceptional results know that time is not controlled by the clock and that energy is not a finite bucket you are handed every morning to use throughout the day.

Individuals who overcome great obstacles to create seemingly impossible results have discovered two powerful secrets of Personal Mastery:

  • Time is elastic.
  • The human system has the capacity to produce more energy than it consumes.

Because these insights represent a quantum leap, only two out of ten people will absorb their potential implications. In other words, people who achieve what seems impossible for others simply live in an alternate universe where time and energy follow a different set of rules. Now, imagine the ways in which your life will be transformed when you discover how to put these insights to work for you.

  • Focus on your most productive and enjoyable activities…
  • Gain a month a year…
  • Never need to say, “I wish I had the time to do that” ever again…
  • Create fulfilling and caring relationships…
  • Propel your earnings to new heights while decreasing your labor intensity…
  • Be seen as the most energetic, confident, fascinating person in the room…

The Personal Mastery series focus on seven critical aspects of personal transformation. I share powerful keys that help exceptional entrepreneurs and leaders produce extraordinary results. These strategies and insights are not available through any other source. Each recoding includes vital mindsets, tried and tested high impact strategies and rich content. You will benefit from ready to apply game-changing insights immediately.

1. Stop Sacrificing Your Life

  • Get back in the driver’s seat – why are you sacrificing your life?
  • This life is not a dress rehearsal – it’s the real thing.
  • Discover and engage your time-energy-space leverage
  • What is Personal Mastery – reclaiming all that you can be and the “Law of Becoming”

2. The Discipline Secret

  • What is discipline
  • Discover the secret of highly productive people – the clarity of context practice
  • What love’s got to do with it? How to develop the discipline practice
  • How to apply discipline in your life?

3. Goals and Aims

  • What are goals and aims?
  • Develop SMART Goals & WISE Aims
  • Align the eight domains of life and the Law of Compounding
  • Live on Purpose

4. Setting Priorities

  • Set your personal & professional priorities
  • Get focused – prioritize priorities
  • TOP Priorities – Manage the four buckets of business
  • The three top priorities

5. Overcoming the five resistances to transformation

  • The five blockages and how to overcome them
  • Changing the outside — changing the inside
  • Turning conflict into growth opportunity
  • To become supersonic you must change the aerodynamics

6. Creativity unleashed

  • What is creativity and where is yours?
  • Understand intelligence, creativity and innovation
  • The five practices of highly creative people
  • You don’t have to be a Mozart to compose music – unleash a creative joy

7. The rituals of champions

  • What is a ritual and why you should have yours
  • Personal and family rituals
  • Your most sacred hour
  • Creating your rituals – seven daily rituals for personal mastery

Your investment:

  • Individual Personal Mastery teleconference and download – $45
  • The series of seven teleconferences & downloads – $295.

Whether you are facing a crisis or having a great ride, you do not want to miss these groundbreaking insights and the strategies we share to help you:

  • Engage new leadership capabilities inside you…
  • Dramatically improve your personal effectiveness…
  • Improve your well-being, energy, confidence and mental clarity…
  • Boost your charisma and leadership confidence…
  • Enjoy your life and the wonders and blessings of living on purpose…

“Personal Mastery is to manifest your latent capabilities, actualize your purpose and realize your potential to create significance.”

“Personal Mastery” Teleconferences Series Two

Price: $295.00

1. Stop Sacrificing Your Life – Get back in the driver’s seat

Price: $45.00

2. The Discipline Secret – Discover the secret of highly productive people

Price: $45.00

3. Develop SMART Goals & WISE Aims

Price: $45.00

4. Setting Priorities and getting focused

Price: $45.00

5. Overcoming the five resistances to transformation

Price: $45.00

6. Creativity unleashed – The five practices of highly creative people

Price: $45.00

7. The Power of Rituals -The rituals of high performers

Price: $45.00