To succeed and thrive, you must understand the clients you serve and deliver transformational value.

You can prosper in two ways: you can become “mission critical” or you can create overwhelming value. Ideally you do both.

You are mission critical when clients cannot achieve their objectives without your contribution.

You create overwhelming transformational value when your clients see that with your solutions and services they are significantly better off: they get accelerated results, and you make their lives in some way better, safer, more graceful and happier.

At Aviv Consulting we work to help you develop your purpose and build transformative solutions and services.

Imagine an organization that provides opportunities for talented people and helps make their creative ideas a reality. Developing adaptive leadership and cultivating talent is what strategic leaders do.

We design with you our collaboration to help your team accelerate growth and create transformative and disruptive innovation.

What crossroad of imperatives and opportunities does your organization face?

What’s a way to reframe your challenge?

How do you recast your opportunities?

  • Articulate your desired picture of the future
  • Identify transformation opportunities and gaps
  • Formulate an action plan
  • Develop the method of change
  • Design the transition roadmap
  • Engage your stakeholders so they embrace the change

Companies like Alcoa, Chevron, Cisco Systems, Emeritus, General Mills, Hewlett Packard, Lufthansa, Procter & Gamble have relied on us to help their senior teams transform their organizations and deliver business breakthroughs.

Clients who compliment us most are executives deeply committed to transforming their business and developing their people, particularly their brightest and most agile managers. We help leaders and teams develop strategic innovation and accelerate collaboration and breakthrough.

Our transformation workshops, summits, retreats and keynotes are customized to the needs of your organization. We design our process with you to best fit your business and organizational imperatives, and to help you create new conversations that open new future possibilities for your team and your clients.

  • Implement new leadership insight and awareness
  • Build trust, mutual respect and enhanced communication
  • lign short-term goals with long-term objectives
  • Gain clarity of purpose and articulate the organization’s vision
  • Put into action the 90/10 principle of leadership
  • Improve their personal effectiveness
  • Remove blockages and unleash creativity
  • Reconnect with core competencies and strengths
  • “Find their voice” and re-center on what matters
  • Engage in a *wow* learning experience

When leadership teams do this work together they build radical levels of trust and commitment. The outcome is happier and healthier people focused on executing a winning strategy and on driving business and organizational results.

Please email us at Aviv Consulting, and we’ll be happy to schedule an introductory call to explore how we might be able to help you and your organization.