They defy what seemed impossible in their individual silos, coalesce on a shared vision and an execution roadmap, and work to bring to life a new business creation and innovation.

Strategic Innovation is about re-imagining your growth strategy. It’s the difference between a Kodak-like death and the immense growth of Apple.

Strategic Innovation is NOT based on the work of a few crazy geniuses, but on collaborative effort across functions and teams aligned on a mission.

Strategic Innovation is NOT creating an episodic reaction or just new one-off initiatives in isolation or even a secretive skunk works effort. Instead, you create a senior-leader-led culture of innovation that generates meaningful breakthroughs and creates value across successive horizons for your organization and its customers.

Strategic Innovation is a multi-functional approach that brings together all the creative assets, capabilities and disciplines of your organization to work together on producing breakthrough ideas and driving new business growth.

Naturally, since developing a systems approach to Strategic Innovation involves many moving parts, executives find the challenge daunting.

At Aviv Consulting, we’ve helped senior executives of organizations, such as Alcoa, Cisco, Emeritus, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, Kellogg’s, Northrop Grumman, Procter & Gamble, and WebEx design their strategy and innovation and drive dramatic results.

How will you re-imagine your growth strategy?

How will you renew your innovation portfolio?

What’s the fastest way to apply your technological assets, IP position, and unique capabilities to develop new business that creates sustained competitive advantage?

As you design your Strategic Innovation, you need to consider both the WHAT and the HOW of innovation.

The WHAT includes choices about: “what solutions, products and services to develop,” “what markets to play in,” “what brand position to build,” “what IP strategy to apply,” and “what business models to create.”

The HOW includes choices about: “how will you organize to deliver the work,” “how will your processes and structure be optimized,” and “how will you go to market.”

Creativity is the capacity to create new connections.

Innovation is the process of applying creativity to design new products, services and solutions.

Strategic Innovation is a systems approach to optimizing your innovation portfolio, to help your organization achieve sustained competitive advantage and transformational growth.

To innovate and strategize like never before, you and senior leaders must ask new questions, and see in whole new ways. Much of our work, then, focuses on this crucial transformation.

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