Before I met Aviv, I was an execution is everything type of leader. Our teams were focused on improvement, functioning well and consistently delivering strong results. I wasn’t convinced that we needed help. Then, through a series of conversations, I agreed to give Aviv an opportunity to work with my senior staff. After several engagements with Aviv, our teams rapidly took performance to the breakout level. His methods helped us quickly transform our learning and insights into a coherent set of activities which created a remarkable new future, one in which we achieved many years of industry-leading performance in growth, market share, profitability and customer satisfaction. I highly recommend his book, Create New Futures, for leaders who desire to build stronger teams and dramatically improve the trajectory of their business.

Ted Clark
Former Senior VP and GM, Hewlett Packard

Finally, after twelve years of Aviv’s inspirational work with my teams in three different companies, Create New Futures is here. Like Aviv’s strategy workshops, this book will make you think in entirely new ways about your business, about life, and about your life. As a result, you will be richer, stronger, and more prepared to embark on your development journey ahead.

David Berman
President, Zoom Video Communications

In Create New Futures, Aviv Shahar makes a compelling case for utilizing conversations to shape one’s desired future. By applying his insights and supporting steps to challenge their thinking, leaders can achieve breakthrough results.

Jorge Mesquita
Executive Vice President, Johnson & Johnson and Worldwide Chairman, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies

See for yourself why so many large corporations rely on Aviv to help guide their future. This book is chock full of simple, useful models to help executives striving to open new organizational portals through innovative approaches and strategic thinking. Special stories illustrate every major point. Aviv’s concise questions alone can provide hours of inspired pondering.

Geoff Bellman
author, Extraordinary Groups and Getting Things Done When You Are Not in Charge

No matter WHAT page you turn to, you are going to connect immediately with the power you possess to change your future. Through my work with Aviv, I learned that he exhibits his innate ability to drive the right conversations for you to discover the growth and success we all truly want. I dare you to read this book and not come away with the clarity you have been looking for, and the tools to create your path.

Alice Latino
Co-Founder Heavenly Care Home Health, former Vice President Operation Emeritus Senior Living

Create New Futures is transformative. A fantastic author explains how great actions lead to breakthroughs. Aviv Shahar reminds me of the guy who’s told, “That idea is global” and replies, “No, it’s much bigger than that.” Read this book and change the world before the world changes you.

Alan Weiss
PhD, author, Million Dollar Maverick, Million Dollar Consulting, and over 60 other books

Everyone should read Create New Futures! In my 25+-year management career at Hewlett Packard, Aviv undeniably has been the most impactful consultant and coach I have worked with. This book integrates the practical and the inspirational elements of Aviv’s work: we change organizations, and the world at large, one conversation at a time.

Sam Szteinbaum
Chairman and CEO at The Wonder Years, Inc; Fmr Chief Learning Officer Hewlett Packard

Your organization’s future success depends on innovation. Leaders hold the key to fostering an environment where innovation flourishes. Aviv’s masterful story-telling inspires, enlightens, and compels leaders to embrace actions that create a preferred future in every part of their lives. Begin to create your desired future with this powerful book.

Elaine Biech
author, The Art and Science of Training, Editor, The ASTD Leadership Handbook

This is an engagingly honest book about the work of building an organizational future through a series of provocative questions and essential conversations. Aviv helped author what became my organizational strategy for transforming marketing strategy at P&G. In Create New Futures, Aviv shares his expertise to help you create momentum in your leadership work as if he were coaching you in real-time.

Daniel Epstein
former Harley Procter Marketing Director, Procter & Gamble, Principal, Daniel Epstein & Associates, LTD

Accelerating the achievement of our organizational and business objectives was the focus of Aviv’s developmental work with me and my team. Our dynamic collaboration honed my leadership skills and inspired our entire team to push our performance far beyond what we had thought possible. Create New Futures codifies Aviv’s methods and illustrates how he works with senior teams to facilitate momentous learning and produce breakthrough results. You and your team can reap significant benefits by applying Aviv’s wisdom in your organization.

Astrid Hartmann
Senior Vice President, Lufthansa Global Business

Insightful. In Create New Futures, Aviv shares the process he applied to help my team deliver transformational results. How do we create rapid developments? Through a series of powerful conversations to converge on a compelling vision, translated into well-articulated outcomes and a set of actionable strategies. Every leader must read this book.

Ike Harris
Vice President, Supply Chain Cisco Systems

Aviv has packed this book with startling questions, incisive observations about leadership, and creative strategies for dramatically improving the quality of your conversations at work and at home. He makes you stop and think in fresh ways.

Andrew Sobel
bestselling author of Clients for Life and Power Questions

I plan to give copies of Create New Futures to the leaders of all of the organizations I care about, and to keep it close at hand for my own inspiration and encouragement. Aviv’s book empowers individuals and businesses to construct the futures they most long for by effortlessly blending personal and spiritual development with extraordinarily effective step-by-step processes. For more than a decade I have relied on Aviv’s wise counsel and his masterful ability to ask questions and frame metaphors to illuminate my thinking horizons, expand my understanding of what’s possible, and lead to practical epiphanies.

Christy Lee-Engel
ND, EAMP, founding Director of the Bastyr University Center for Mind, Body, Spirit and Nature

Aviv helps us think differently about the future. When an organization is going into new work, the people in the organization must be prepared for anything, and the leaders have to consider everything. Aviv provides the guidance and insights needed to help leaders transform. He utilized the approaches and processes in this book with my team at The Procter & Gamble Company, bringing the work of vision and strategy together with powerful insights about transformative leadership, the process for cultural renovation, and tips and techniques that any leader can use to be more effective. Reading this book will inspire you to reach your leadership potential and create your organization’s new future.

Rick Hughes
former Vice President and Chief Purchasing Officer, The Procter & Gamble Company

Working with Aviv truly is a transformational experience. Applying his strategies over the years has allowed me to inspire and transform my teams, achieve balance, and focus on what matters. In his practical and thought provoking book Create New Futures, Aviv Shahar frames the steps you must take with your team to create your desired future and shows you how to use the art of conversation to build your next success horizons. Keep this inspiring book handy: the conversation strategies it offers have the power to enrich every aspect of your life.

Faiza Hughell
Vice President, Sales at RingCentral

Intensely thought-provoking and practical at the same time. Aviv has the rare ability to operate at both strategic and tactical levels. In a single book he lays out a revolutionary idea and delivers a practical how-to guide for leaders to act on immediately.

Suresh Subramanian
Vice President & GM Industry Solutions, Hewlett Packard

Breakthrough innovation occurs at the intersection of new conversations. In Create New Futures Aviv shows how to lead conversations that produce results and change organizations. This is a captivating read.

Shekhar Mitra
Ph.D. President, InnoPreneur LLC, former, Senior Vice President, Global Innovation at Procter and Gamble

A must-read for current and aspiring leaders. In Create New Futures Aviv asks the hard questions, as he does in his live coaching and consulting. This book will make you think in a new and groundbreaking way about your work and about being a leader. Most importantly, Aviv connects business growth with personal growth, which is the ultimate aim of all good leaders.

Gilad Berenstein
CEO Utrip

Practical and inspiring! Create New Futures delivers immediately applicable frameworks and tools for every leader. Aviv Shahar brings to life a fresh and unique approach I have experienced firsthand when he helped my team develop strategies and produce exceptional business results. His ability to pick up the conversation’s essence, translate it to easily understandable language, and convert complex themes to actionable steps is amazing. This book is a game-changer.

V. Ravichandran
Founder CEO, Alive Consulting, ex-Senior Vice President, Global Business Services, Hewlett Packard

This book is filled with immediately actionable advice. Aviv asks us to step up, to achieve our potential as transformative leaders, and to dare imagine and create a new future with our teams. The book traces a journey I have experienced firsthand with our leadership team at Cisco. It’s a riveting journey from insight to actualization through a series of powerful conversations.

Norm DePeau
Vice President, Cisco Customer and Partner Services

What if conversations at work produced profound breakthroughs? Create New Futures shows how they can and offers a set of strategies to help you lead your transformation. Aviv’s work enabled my team to dramatically accelerate our results. I recommend you read and apply Aviv’s methods.

Shelley Stewart
Vice President & CPO, DuPont