We are excited to now offer you a series of teleconferences with Aviv that are designed especially to help you polish and excel your Personal Mastery.

The 2009 series — Keys To Personal Mastery will focus on “How to grow and succeed in tough environments“.

In this teleconference series Aviv will share powerful keys with you that helped top performers reach even greater heights. Each teleconference includes vital mindsets, tried and tested high impact strategies and rich content.

These development strategies and transformational insights are not available through any other source.

Your investment:

  • Individual Personal Mastery teleconference and download – $45
  • The series of six teleconferences & downloads – $245.

“Personal Mastery is to manifest your talent, realize your greatness and actualize your purpose.”

“Personal Mastery” Teleconferences Series One

Price: $245.00

1. Be Your Own CEO

You are not only your own Chief Executive Officer, you are also your Chief Evolution Officer—in charge of creating your future growth and development.

Price: $45.00

2. Breakthrough Mindsets for Tough Times

Turn challenges into opportunities—powerful strategies for every situation. Lead with charisma and confidence.

Price: $45.00

3. The MVP (Most Valuable Player) Game:

The champion profile—to lead you must be transformational. Generate value anywhere, anytime. See Constellations Where Others See Stars.

Price: $45.00

4. The Solution Gym

Bigger Solutions Need A Bigger Person. Apply the five-step practice used by the best solution generators to turn breakdowns to breakthroughs.

Price: $45.00

5. Your High value TERF assets:

Your TERF: Time, Energy, Relationships and Focus are your most precious assets. Strategies to generate optimal ROI on your precious assets.

Price: $45.00

6. Your Sweet Spot:

Where passion and competence converge is action. Casting a new and greater net.

Price: $45.00