With the ability to consciously leverage frameworks,
you convert complexity into creativity and chaos into opportunity.

Aviv has helped me conquer so many strategic challenges – he leverages frameworks in breathtaking ways.

– Alice, CEO

You’ll learn frameworks to:

  • Transform conversations
  • Map the terrain of ideas
  • Solve problems
  • Accelerate results
  • Lead change
  • Shape your future
  • Develop strategy

A workshop that upgrades your mental operating systems
by creating adaptive frameworks for navigating complex environments.

How effective are you at managing the velocity of change in your environment? If at times you feel disoriented or overwhelmed; if you experience the stress of feeling disconnected from a greater sense of meaning; or you simply feel like something is missing – you’re not alone. Even the most successful leaders struggle with the velocity of change, encountering disruptive change with confusion and uncertainty.

Imagine downloading a mental operating system that enables you to navigate this escalating VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) by creating powerful frameworks for every need, allowing you to effortlessly interpret, communicate, and lead. By engaging in this practice, you’ll find yourself able to rapidly cut to the core of an issue, map its components, and articulate your vision.

How you’ll benefit

  • Develop breakthrough ideas and differentiate yourself amongst your peers
  • Increase your impact
  • Accelerate results by implementing smarter strategies
  • Solve wicked problems and evaluate options more effectively by shaping the conversation
  • Bring a novel approach to every situation and unearth creative solutions
  • Increase your self-efficacy and meta-knowledge – knowledge about what you know and don’t know
  • Gain self-insight, confidence, and the conviction to drive meaningful change
  • Expand your leadership toolkit

*We don’t want anyone to miss this special opportunity – please email us if you need any form of special accommodation.

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Through the conversations he frames, Aviv helps me see through the fog and find solutions that work specifically for me.

– Astrid Hartmann, SVP, Lufthansa Global Business Services

You should join us if you are a…

Consultant or coach:
seeking tools to cut through organizational noise and dramatically grow your practice.
leading a startup and developing a fit for purpose organization
High potential professional:
hoping to build thought leadership and differentiate yourself in your company
Activist or change-agent:
hoping to increase your impact by gaining effective tools for transformation
Young adult or student:
A future shaper, seeking to turn purposeful intent to active expression