The senior leader role, especially the CEO role, can be lonely.

The needs are urgent. The pressures are high. And you often have to turn the seemingly impossible into reality.

  • Generate focus and clarity amid rapid and chaotic changes, while maintaining humor, ease and spontaneity.
  • Promote a culture of trust, enthusiasm and vision, while you manage performance and the bottom line.
  • Encourage your team to go to the next level, while you aspire to grow and evolve your own next steps.

As your trusted advisor and coach, Aviv helps you meet these challenges, optimize your effort, develop your vision and strategy, forward your action, and accelerate your results.

Our advisory and consulting work with CEOs and senior leaders is customized and adaptive to your unique situation.

  • Make the most of your first 10 weeks (for leaders new to the position)
  • Develop your vision, mission and strategy
  • Accelerate integration and alignment of your executive team
  • Manage your Board
  • Design your Strategic Innovation approach
  • Articulate your leadership philosophy, core values and principles
  • Design supportive systems, environments and structures
  • Focus on strengths and develop your leadership brand
  • Optimize your leadership ABCS – Actions, Behavior, Communication and Style
  • Promote organizational culture and mobilize organizational energy

At what crossroads do you find yourself?

What are you trying to move away from? What do you want to move towards?

Many leaders struggle with needing to constantly be reactive. They sense that greater potential and opportunities are available, but they are unable to realize them.

Our coaching collaboration helps you create balance and align your short-term efforts with your long-term goals. Through this leadership journey you continue to evolve, take action, and actualize your opportunities.

To assist you in meeting these challenges, we customize our work together to fit your leadership development journey. Our senior leader advisory and consulting includes face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, and emails. We also meet, when necessary, with your team.

Please email us at Aviv Consulting, and we’ll be happy to schedule an introductory call to explore how we might be able to help you and your organization.