Strategic Innovation is a multi-functional approach that brings together all assets, capabilities and disciplines of your organization to work together on creating exciting new futures.

Operational efficiency is no longer enough to maintain leadership and competitive advantage. Visionary organizations differentiate themselves through strategic innovation.

What’s the best way to bring forward your competencies, talents, technological assets and IP position to develop new business where you can have sustained competitive advantage?

To innovate and strategize like never before, so that your organization may achieve like never before, you and the organization’s senior leaders must see and think in whole new ways. Much of our work, then, focuses on this crucial transformation.

Helping you create significant improvement in your business is our focus.

Our consulting services are adaptive and versatile. We work with you to understand your situation, your strengths, and your vision of where you want to go. The result is a collaborative roadmap to help you unlock the power of your team, build your innovation portfolio and realize your objectives.

  • Develop a picture of your desired future
  • Identify your best growth opportunities
  • Design breakthrough strategies
  • Build your innovation portfolio
  • Lead organizational transformation
  • Accelerate new business creation
  • Cultivate a culture of initiative and innovation

How do you set free the creative and innovative power of your teams?

Most organizations use only a small portion of their capacity to innovate. To produce breakthrough results you need much more than prolific brainstorming.

Leading a Strategic Innovation initiative requires a portfolio approach, process mastery, focused framework, and ownership at the top and throughout the organization.

Successful innovation requires commitment of resources, resilience, enthusiasm, discipline of process, and the best brain power of your organization.

Aviv Consulting helps you bring together these disciplines and design your innovation portfolio to achieve your strategic objectives. Read more about our approach to Strategic Innovation.

Please email us at Aviv Consulting, and we’ll be happy to schedule an introductory call to explore how we might be able to help you and your organization.