“Coaching is a collaborative process dedicated to help and inspire an
individual or team to achieve a desired result.

Here are some of the benefits of coaching I have experienced and witnessed both in being coached and in coaching executives.

The coaching process unfolds through discovery, expanded awareness and insight and leads to designing a strategy of action. It is intuitive, energizing, challenging, sometimes painful and always interesting. If it is not stimulating and interesting then the coaching process is not on. Coaching value is generated on the foundation of trust and authentic conversation.

Here are 32 Benefits you can find through Coaching. You can…

  1. Increase self-awareness
  2. Clarify situations and reduce complexity
  3. Identify opportunities
  4. Evaluate threats
  5. Explore options and choose the optimal path
  6. Remove obstacles
  7. Improve communication effectiveness
  8. Prioritize goals
  9. Articulate values and purpose
  10. Refocus on the vital few most important things
  11. Let go of the unimportant
  12. Role play an upcoming situation and improve readiness
  13. Learn to ask powerful questions
  14. Examine beliefs to overcome personal limitations
  15. Develop a strategy for career advancement
  16. Develop a personal and business vision
  17. Download new ideas and frameworks
  18. Get feedback and feed-forward on personal strengths and style
  19. Update your self-view and presentation
  20. Align short and long terms objectives
  21. Free up time and resources
  22. Manage chaos and ambiguity
  23. Resolve conflicts and pacify emotionally charged situations
  24. Change your inner state and practice new ways and approach
  25. Gain confidence and fluency
  26. Practice and optimize influencing skills
  27. Create a strategy to develop your team
  28. Rebalance work and personal life and family
  29. Learn to coach individuals and teams for breakthrough results
  30. Overcome a career setback or other significant disappointment
  31. Clear your space and environment
  32. Set a course of action and build support system and accountability

© Aviv Shahar