50 percent of coaching insights and decisions that are not acted upon are lost within 24 hours. More than 80 percent of coaching insights and decisions are lost if not acted upon within 72 hours.

The best time to act on your decision and take your insight forward is always now.

Every insight and decision must be validated and confirmed in action. Insight is an energy release. Decision is an energy directive. If there is no action to validate the release and to confirm the directive of energy, then the insight and the decision will dissipate.

Neurons fire for a connection to build a new circuitry. A new insight or a new decision creates a new brain circuitry. The circuitry must then be validated by action or it dissipates. If it is not validated by action, the insight is forgotten, the decision aborted and the coaching value wasted.

What new decisions have you made? What new insights have you had? Take action now!

© Aviv Shahar