In good times and in tough times, the surest and safest tactic is to become the best value generator you can be.
Here are ten things you can do to generate and bring great value to your stakeholders.

  1. Be clear about the most important – the vital things.
  2. Identify the key people you serve.
  3. Learn their concerns, needs and issues.
  4. Don’t let not knowing inhibit you – ask questions to better understand until you feel you do understand.
  5. Develop versatility in your communication. Over-communicate.
  6. Practice situational awareness – What makes the people around you excel? What are their data-processing preferences? What are their decision-making styles? What will offer the best help?
  7. Think and reason for yourself. Develop and express a viewpoint.
  8. Take initiatives. Stake a position. You learn more and are more engaged once you have staked out a position. You learn most by helping others.
  9. Seek feedback. Never take criticism or rejection personally. Continue to improve and optimize.
  10. Find a mentor or a coach.

© Aviv Shahar