To lead is to create the narrative—to tell a story of the future that compels action.

That is what we help executives and entrepreneurs do. We help them imagine new futures and accelerate the journey to realize these futures.

How do we help leaders imagine new futures? How do we help them mobilize action?

We begin by exploring their hopes and getting to understand their concerns. We structure a series of conversations to frame alternative futures and clearly paint a desired state. We then work backward to design an accelerated journey to get there.

Many clients realize that the next step is not just a gradual move. Instead they have to leap forward. A young entrepreneur was providing ISEE practice Tests to students around the country. He had just started and his company was growing quickly, and launching a sister service to offer SSAT practice Tests. “How do I seize my opportunity? How do I rally my team?” he asked me. He knew something had to change and was trying to figure out what he needed to do next. We helped him paint the future state and create a narrative that mobilized action and accelerated growth.

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