Each seminar, each group, each strategy session brings forward lessons, insights and new articulation and power. This is the hallmark of transformational work. You are made anew in the process. You clarify your goals, connect with a sense of purpose and step into a more authentic place. If we are not blessed by this kind of energy it means we are failing to step into greater authenticity and are not transformational.

Summoning to authenticity the people you meet will give them permission to spread their wings to soar. It is then that they realize their power and ready themselves to join in and realize a greater universe of possibilities.

This week in Toronto I am with a group of insightful and energetic managers. On day two of this 4-day program we explored the power of Adaptive Leadership—adapting your management approach to the needs and the readiness you meet. Here are two essential values we focused on:

First, to be an Adaptive Leader you must be diagnostic about the people you work with, their needs and development path. You envision for them and with them their continued growth. You facilitate and enable their next realization and development. This means you care. You are genuinely interested. You work toward making a real difference for them, a sustainable difference. You champion their best. You create a legacy of breakthroughs.

Second, a classic “sin” of many managers is having a blind-spot about their top performers. Too often they forget that ‘Top Talents’ are a goldmine. It is too easy to take your top performers for granted. Yes, you want to empower them, to delegate to them. But assuming that their rare ability will always come through and deliver doesn’t give you permission to carelessly dump new pressures on them. Delegating is not dumping. Delegating is transferring responsibility and thereby entrusting another with power to enhance their capabilities and growth.

© Aviv Shahar