Here are the four quadrants we often use in strategy and business development explorations. You can grow in these four ways:

  1. Stay within your core. Provide your core products, services and experiences to your current customers.
  2. Create new products, services and experiences for your current customers.
  3. Find new customers for your current products, services and experiences.
  4. Create new products, services and experiences for new customers. Create a new business.


Here are some of the considerations when choosing your next development path:

  1. Where is the current opportunity?
  2. What will provide the easiest path to growth?
  3. Which has the greatest potential?
  4. What’s the risk involved in each?
  5. Which path if successful will put you in the best position in 12 months, in three years?
  6. What’s going to be most fun? What will you enjoy the most?

© Aviv Shahar