The 1st luck is to be healthy and able.
The 2nd luck is to have food on your table and a roof over your head; to not suffer cold and deprivation.
The 3rd luck is to be able to work, to be productive and to add value.
The 4th luck is to enjoy companionship and love, to know you are not alone.
The 5th luck is to have someone who believes in you completely and unreservedly. (Having this 5th luck at an early age shows up later as an adult with healthy self-esteem and confidence.)
The 6th luck is to have discovered your gift and your passion; to have found what exhilarates and energizes you.
The 7th luck is to discover why you are here, what causes you are meant to serve – to live on purpose, knowing that your life matters and is an expression of the divine reason for your being here.

© Aviv Shahar