The Coaching Conversation is dedicated to improving your ability to succeed, and helping you to move forward and take action. It may feature and include any number of the 32 natures and characters listed below.

Coaching conversation is…
1. Strengths based and
2. Opportunities focused

The conversation is…
3. Challenge embracing
4. Possibilities assessing and creating
5. Observations framing
6. Insights seeking and articulating
7. Capabilities evaluating and
8. Frameworks exploring

The coaching invites and makes possible…
9. Feed-back / feed-forward receiving
10. Priorities sorting
11. Goals setting
12. Strategy framing

Through the coaching conversation we promote…
13. Intelligence and resources gathering
14. Confidence and stature enhancing
15. Blockages removing
16. Action forwarding

The coaching conversation entails…
17. Blind spot revealing
18. Clarity forming
19. Letdown overcoming
20. Closure finding
21. Alignment creating
22. Options generating

Through the coaching conversation you find…
23. Purpose and values re-centering
24. Life and work balance enhancing
25. Results driving
26. Future designing
27. Potential realizing

There are other specific focuses that can become part of a coaching conversation…
28. Management effectiveness improving
29. Stretch assignment enabling
30. “Twelve Environments” organizing
31. Complexity managing
32. Keynote, meeting or conversation preparing

© Aviv Shahar