Through the study and practice of these keys you will attract to yourself the inner harmonies of success in every aspect of your life and begin to realize your true potential and purpose.

The oracle of Delphi had written at the entrance “know thyself.” The message meant that by knowing and understanding your nature and the way you are made and work; by having insight to your patterns and inclinations you gain access to the greatest secrets of all. Understanding the workings of human nature and of self is the gate to all things. Self insight and knowledge of the patterns, cycles and changes you go through, open the gate to a great many mysteries. It empowers you and enables you to unleash and realize the meaning and destiny of your being here at this time. On this CD we explore your 5 Gifts and coach you to find your sweet spot. Mozart’s gifts were different from Michelangelo’s. Michael Jordan gifts are different from Michael Phelps; Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs are each gifted in a unique way. All of them discovered this secret – the “Born To Do” gifts, each in their respective field.