Through the study and practice of these keys you will attract to yourself the inner harmonies of success in every aspect of your life and begin to realize your true potential and purpose.

When readiness meets a need, actualization follows. FDR struggled immenselywith his polio away from the public eye. Unbeknow n to him and to the American people, he was being made ready as he fought to come through his personal despair and depression. Roosevelt’s resolved determination and will power, which was fashioned during his painful ordeal with polio, is what America needed in the White House to overcome its own crippling situation, despair and depression in the early 30s and at the beginning of the Second World War. Your inner program determines your outcome. A change of outcomes and results begins with updating and downloading a new inner software; a new program. This is the invisible work we all have to do in order to lead a change.

Imagine getting excited about your learning. Imagine your days full of teaching and learning with the people in your life. It’s the most exhilarating way to live and it’s the path to radical growth and to realizing your potential for greatness. The ability to learn is natural. The whole living eco-system we know as the universe is a learning system. It enables and embraces change, development, innovation and evolution. Species that survive epoch changes thrive by being able to adapt and evolve; triumphant civilizations, cultures and organizations are able to transform their behavior and interaction with their environment without losing their inner content and identity. What enables these organizations and cultures to change and evolve in such a way is their capacity to learn – their learnability power. On the CD we explore the ten practices and disciplines to develop your learnable capacity and stimulate radical growth.