Through the study and practice of these keys you will attract to yourself the inner harmonies of success in every aspect of your life and begin to realize your true potential and purpose.

What is the single most powerful decision a person can make? Making this decision is the second most difficult thing to do in this world! It is also the most self rewarding decision you can ever make!

To be the most effective and realize your greatest power to make a difference, you must concentrate on your ‘C’ field. You have to be clear that in areas outside your ‘C’ field, you do not invest your precious resources and time. Discover how to strategically guard and direct your precious resources to your goals, aims and purpose therein.

A great many developmental and spiritual teachings tell us it is a false or erroneous perception to view your Being as contingent on what you have and even on what you get to do. That it is, in fact, the other way around. The teachings says your Being determines what you can actually do and both determine what you can have. On this CD we explore four ways to understand and align your values. Discover the spirit of defiance in a story of a miraculous healing and the making of a long distance running champion.