Through the study and practice of these keys you will attract to yourself the inner harmonies of success in every aspect of your life and begin to realize your true potential and purpose.

When you were born, you entered this world not knowing failure. The concept of failure did not exist. All you cared about was discovering and exploring everything around you. This joyful impulse to live with your senses wide open to discover the opportunities of living is the experience we are seeking in this key. Reflect on your attitude towards risk – do you step up to opportunities or do you hold back? When did you last take on a new bigger challenge? When did you promise to yourself or to someone else to deliver something without knowing how you would do it?

This creative tension is what pulls you up into a “venturi” tunnel of new possibilities-to discover innovation you did not know was locked in you. Great innovators and visionary leaders take on a greater challenge. It develops them to be bigger persons and discover the capacities needed to realize their dream. It’s the same for you – you have extraordinary capacities that you are not aware of until such time as you face a new unknown circumstance where these capabilities are needed and are pulled out of you.