A Conversation with Paul Adams – Episode 18

A Conversation with Paul Adams

“Do you let crisis define your future or do you choose to create a future that redefines your experience?”

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Episode Summary

In this episode we revisit an interview I had with Paul Adams, Host of Sound Financial Bites. We cover questions from my book, Create New Futures. Here are some of the key points we discussed during my interview:

Key Learning Points:

  • “Your future and present can update your past.” Reclaim your power—the power to choose, to be self-directed, and to defy the crippling mindset that says what happened to you yesterday defines who you are today. Instead, why not embrace this reframed perspective: your today can redefine your yesterday?
  • Do you allow crisis to define your future, or do you choose to create a future that redefines and transcends your challenging experiences?
  • What can we learn from Pope John Paul II’s formative experience as a young man in an underground theater during World War II that shaped his later role in life?
  • “Instead of thinking that today is the product of yesterday, think of today as the beginning of tomorrow.” This mental model proposes that what appears to be a setback can become the setup for new beginnings that lead to your next breakthrough.
  • How can parents foster the can-do mindset with their children? By creating a dual memory: one of the incidence of success and the other of the experience of overcoming the challenge that enabled the success.
  • Why and how did Aviv reframe a devastating loss in the Air Force into a teachable story?
  • What is the deeper meaning of integrity? How does Aviv use a story to reinvigorate the essence of integrity?
  • “A complaint is the misdirected energy of an unaddressed or unmet need.”
  • Because many of us internalize and personalize complaints, our natural reaction is defensiveness. A healthy alternative is to understand and help the other person become part of the solution by converting the complaint into a concrete request that will help us address the unmet need.Now it’s your turn. As a leader, you are a transformation agent. How will you apply these ideas to create transformative focus today?

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