A Transformational Leader Must Be a Conversation Artist

“Leaders who are conversation artists constantly practice and refine their craft. They experiment with new conversation modalities, build their storytelling abilities and hone their skills as effective mentors in the art of conversation.”

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Episode Summary

During a recent workshop with an executive team, Aviv brought to focus the premise that the currency of leadership is conversation. This is an unlocking idea that Aviv addresses regularly with his clients. What made this occasion different, however, was the new context that emerged. That idea was that a transformational leader must be a conversation artist. Why is framing the conversation the highest leverage for a leader? Aviv analyzes this inquiry and provides four reasons as well as seven characteristics that make up a true conversation artist.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:54 – Aviv shares learnings and insights he gleaned about the currency of leadership
  • 02:18 – Aviv analyzes four reasons that the highest leverage for a leader is to frame the conversation
  • 05:29 – The heavy price leaders pay when failing to embrace the mindset of conversation as the currency of leadership
  • 07:09 – Key elements and capabilities that characterize a conversation artist
  • 07:54 – Now it’s your turn, embark on a lifelong journey of becoming a conversation artist

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