Bringing Empathy & Self-Awareness to the Forefront of the Workplace with Sophie Wade

“I define empathy as the ability to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and to understand and connect with what they are feeling – to feel what they’re feeling. You first have to understand the world as they see it through their eyes.”

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Episode Summary

Sophie Wade is an international speaker, the author of Empathy Works , and is an authority on the future of work. Sophie believes that we are living in a seminal moment – a tipping point in time – where we have the technology and tools to make our lives a lot better. Join Aviv Shahar as he and Sophie expound on empathy as a leadership and workplace practice, the importance of leading with inquiry, and how work is evolving to better fit our lives.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:32 – Aviv introduces today’s guest, Sophie Wade, who joins the show to share what she loves most about her work and the passion she has for changing work and the workplace for the better
  • 04:07 – What ‘empathy’ means to Sophie
  • 06:43 – The central theme of Sophie’s book, Empathy Works
  • 10:17 – Framing empathy as a value, a mindset, and a practice
  • 13:32 – Key challenges facing top executives today
  • 15:48 – Leading with inquiry
  • 21:21 – The various Generations at work
  • 24:02 – Information is power
  • 29:24 – Key formative experiences that shaped Sophie’s passion and critical choices she made to find her authentic voice
  • 38:24 – One piece of advice Sophie would give to her twenty-five year old self and two key learnings Sophie values above all others
  • 40:33 – Final thoughts from Sophie

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