Building Your Leadership Toolbox with Miguel Gonzalez – Episode 22

Miguel Gonzalez

“The more experiences you have in life, your toolbox is going to be better and greater.”

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Episode Summary

Miguel Gonzalez is the Director of Global Logistics Procurement and Operations at Dupont and the future Chief Procurement Officer for one of three new companies that will be created after Dupont and Dow Chemicals finalize their merger.

He’s a global procurement and supply chain leader with broad experience and his unique skill is translating complex business needs into strategies that accelerates results in both short and long terms. Miguel has led global teams, has a good grasp of changing market conditions and vast experience when it comes to building and leading resilient and adaptive teams. I’m happy to introduce him to you and to share the experiences that led him to where he is today.

Essential Learning Points:

  • Always stay open to see the next opportunity and the next learning.
  • How Miguel uses books to internalize accelerated learning. Miguel reads non-fiction books and whitepapers, making notes and annotations in order to refer back to them and apply what he’s learned in the real world.
  • How do you convert your experience into tools in your toolbox? You start with an empty toolbox. Then, every experience you have you develop a tool, and you put this tool in your toolbox. The more experiences you have, the more versatile is your toolbox. Interacting with great leaders enables you to put great tools in your toolbox.
  • How do you thrive in a large enterprise? In large companies it is about understanding the strategies, getting to know the stakeholders and what is important; aligning, communicating, and building the right networks internally and externally. These are the basics.
  • The most important behavior enabling Miguel’s success is trusting first. Open and transparent communication at the outset as a starter location is you build a great collaboration.
  • “Great leaders challenge our thinking by defying the status-quo.”
  • “Leaders facilitate the dialogue that frees people from becoming stuck in yesterday.”
  • Build strategic relationships. Cultivate trust, mutual respect, and open communication.
  • Keep an open mind, continue learning and try to anticipate what the next big thing will be and then seize that opportunity.
  • There is a point in life where you’ll have to change to get to the next level.
  • You have to plan but you have to be ready because life will change your plans and you need to plan again.
  • Every relationship is a learning conversation.
  • Be present in the moment to offer your best. Every moment has the potential to open new doors.
  • Seek out new experiences. By engaging in new experiences you engender new learning.

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