Challenge the Mental Models and Reframe Conversations with Alice Latino – Episode 1

 Alice Latino Interview

“As a leader, you are known for the conversations you create.”

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Episode Summary

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Alice Latino. We initially met fourteen years ago when she was the Regional Director at Emeritus Assisted Living; we collaborated together and led several workshops for the team, as well as other teams at Emeritus.

Even as a very small child, Alice has always had an incredible love for the elderly. Her relationship with her grandparents is something she has always cherished and it truly shaped her life into one of gratitude and a desire to help. She brought this passion with her throughout her life and launched it into a career to make a difference in the lives of Seniors. With an MBA from the University of Alabama and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Montevallo, her love and dedication to the lives of Seniors brought her to work with Emeritus Senior Living. Serving in various capacities for over seventeen years, including Vice President of Operations, she positively impacted both the quality of care delivered and the profit metrics within her Division’s sixty properties and over 5,000 units.

In 2004 she cofounded with her husband Heavenly Care Home Health and Heavenly Care Moving. With twenty years experience in healthcare management and leadership roles, Alice has a very unique background. Listen on as Alice shares some insight from her vast leadership experience and together we exchange some ideas that you can begin implementing right away

Essential Learning Points From This Episode

  • The inspiration and AHA moment that got Alice’s attention as she started reading Create New Futures.
  • A unique structure of the book that appeals to today’s approaches to learning: read, be inspired and immediately implement into action.
  • The “debriefing” concept explained in the book that Alice immediately implemented with her team.
  • The state of mind that Aviv calls the “purgatory of anxious preoccupation of the next” — what it is and how a slight tweak in your schedule can make you more present in the here and now.
  • Some of the guided principles that Alice operated by when she led large teams, and took with her when she launched her current company with her husband.
  • What does Alice miss the most after transitioning from working many years with a large company to now running a small company?
  • Lessons and insights about running a family business.
  • How being around older people has fueled Alice’s drive
  • Initial discussions around the mental model of the 3-story house.
  • Why Alice believes in the importance of working closely with the caregivers.

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