Changing the Mindset with Glenn Mattson – Episode 47

Changing the Mindset

“When you want to help people change, you’ve got to uncover their motivations, their drivers, then uncover the situation/impact, and figure out if it’s big enough, strong enough that they’re willing to change who they are to change the outcome.”

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Episode Summary

Glenn Mattson is the CEO of Mattson Enterprise Inc., a consulting firm specializing in sales and management productivity and effectiveness. He leads a team of consultants who provide solutions to agency leaders and sales people facing the challenges of achieving extraordinary success in highly competitive and overcrowded markets. He is also a successful keynote speaker, a gifted and respected platform trainer and author. His true passion, however, is coaching which allows him to help his clients understand where they are going and how best to get there.

In this episode, Aviv and Glenn discuss the myriad of ways to achieve, measure and sustain success. They talk about the importance of embracing challenges, setbacks and failures, as they are part of life and contain tremendous lessons for personal growth. Glenn identifies three interconnected factors that influence success: attitude, behavior, and technique. Attitude drives behavior and allows techniques to be utilized. Glenn details the processes he uses to help clients absolve and rescript their negative beliefs to catalyze meaningful change. Aviv and Glenn also broach the affinity addiction and workplace issues that can arise from the need and desire to be liked. They urge listeners to combat this by building self-esteem and working hard to gain respect through leadership, contributions, and values. Finally, Glenn shares his philosophies on growth motivation and the tactics that can lead to positive change in organizations.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 01:13 – Introducing Glenn Mattson
  • 02:01 – Services that Mattson Enterprise provides
  • 02:42 – Glenn discusses his passion for coaching
  • 03:49 – Three pillars of success: attitude, behavior, and technique
  • 06:12 – The affinity addiction
  • 11:01 – The distinction between a plan and an execution
  • 11:49 – Glenn’s ‘No Guts, No Gain’ program for success
  • 14:34 – Growth motivation
  • 16:08 – A setback that Glenn successfully turned into a learning experience
  • 18:04 – How Glenn motivates his clients to break out of their unsuccessful behaviors
  • 20:33 – Why Glenn looks at a company’s objectives, strategy, structure, staff, and skills
  • 22:38 – What Glenn means by ‘fixing the pain’
  • 24:22 – The advice Glenn gives to those who have their backs against the wall
  • 26:17 – The importance of failure
  • 26:50 – Glenn’s philosophy of ‘Pay Time’ versus ‘No Pay Time’
  • 27:25 – Preserving high self-esteem
  • 28:28 – Parting words of wisdom from Glenn

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