Collective Intelligence #1 – Listening Level 5

Collective Intelligence #1 - Listening Level 5

“The 5% of leaders who adopt L4 listening as a practice and view it as a muscle that must be exercised regularly discover that choosing to create this learning space can result in transformative experiences for themselves and for the other people involved.”

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Episode Summary

Aviv has been fascinated with the complex nature of the learning process ever since he enlisted in the Israeli Air Force and began his training as a fighter pilot. In this episode, Aviv introduces the first episode in his Collective Intelligence series. Specifically, he focuses on the art of listening by analyzing the five listening levels and expounding on the progression that occurs as you evolve from level to level. Aviv then shifts his focus to listening in business settings and reveals an additional dimension of listening. Finally, Aviv shares personal insights into recent discoveries he has made about his own journey.

Essential Learning Points:

  • [00:39] – Introducing today’s topic, Collective Intelligence #1: Listening Level 5
  • [03:12] – Aviv reflects on Listening Levels One through Four
  • [07:24] – Listening in business settings
  • [10:01] – Additional dimensions of listening
  • [13:01] – Discoveries from Aviv’s journey

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