Creating Slow Fast Deep Work

“What is this Zone of Deep Work? It is an intentional, open, focused, exploratory, collaborative space where people imagine and create new connections and possibilities.”

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Episode Summary

Have you been as provocative in your future explorations as you can? Today, Aviv reflects on this question and recalls the story of a three-day virtual workshop that inspired this discussion on creating slow, fast, deep work. In this episode, Aviv expounds on the Zone of Deep Work and outlines best practices that can be applied to create slow, fast, deep work. He provides examples of how the teams he worked with throughout this workshop produced three new compelling prototypes of the future and describes why this was such a game-changer. Finally, Aviv provides advice on how to imagine and bring to life a daringly novel future.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:50 – Aviv introduces today’s topic, Creating Slow Fast Deep Work
  • 01:28 – Aviv speaks to the transformative and result-produced virtual events that he’s recently produced
  • 05:01 – Aviv recalls a pivotal moment from this workshop process
  • 07:54 – Aviv expounds on the Zone of Deep Work
  • 08:45 – Aviv lists the three elements that enable breakthroughs
  • 11:38 – Now it’s your turn, invite the collective creativity and genius of your team, create a safe space for deep work and ask your team to imagine a daringly novel future and challenge them to describe how they will bring that future to life

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