Design Your Portfolio Life with Sam Szteinbaum – Episode 17

Sam Szteinbaum

“Learning to understand your team members deeply is a game-changer.”

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Episode Summary

My guest, Sam Szteinbaum, has enjoyed an illustrious career. He was the Chief Learning Officer for Hewlett Packard and before that, Vice President and General Manager for America’s consumer products, the HP and Compaq desktop and Notebook PC products.

Since leaving HP, Sam has continued to develop and grow his pre-school business, The Wonder Years in the Bay area, which has four locations and a fifth site that is in the works. He is on the Board of various technology companies, including Corsair and Asetek where he serves as the Chairman.

In this conversation, you will learn how Sam approaches business decisions, and how to design your portfolio post-corporate life.

Essential Learning Points:

  • How to design your portfolio life for your post-corporate future
  • Why “speaking up” is a leadership principle
  • How Sam makes business and investment decisions
  • Build and develop your team members so they can be prepared to take on a new role
  • Developing your listening skills can help you connect with individuals more deeply
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks, and get as broad of an experience as you can get
  • Learn how to work effectively with others
  • Speak up: present a point of view, do not hold back your best ideas or play it safe
  • Thoughtfully create alternative and additional sources of revenue
  • Build financial sufficiency and resilience early on in your career/life

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