From Adventure Racing To Growth Mindset with Doug Gray – Episode 4

 Doug Gray

“We’ve always gone to the wilderness and sought perspective in the less familiar places.”

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Episode Summary

My guest in this episode is Doug Gray, the president of Action Learning associates, executive coach and the author of Passionate Action: 5 Steps to Extraordinary Success in Life and Work. Our dialogue reflects on how coaching changed and evolved into a new kind of art, and how having a suite of models to choose from is vitally important. You will learn how to apply a series of strategies to accelerate growth and unleash the power of exponential learning.

Here are some of the key points I discussed with Doug during this 63-minute podcast:

Essential Learning Points From This Episode

  • Why you are better off investing in somebody who is very good as opposed to trying to move a poor performer to a mediocre level of performance.
  • What is the important question every coach should be asking at the close of each call.
  • What are the two types of mindsets people use and why Doug only works with the second group.
  • The problem with the 40,000 people who identify themselves as coaches.
  • How can lessons learned in a Quaker school help us in business and in life.
  • Why psychological capital is infinite and what can you do with yours.
  • How to be mindful and intentional about your conversations.

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