Finding Personal Freedom and Confidence with Damion Lupo – Episode 35

 Damion Lupo

“You win or you learn and if you’re always winning you’re not really learning.”

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Episode Summary

Damion Lupo is an American Sensei and the founder of Yokido Martial Arts, a fusion of the practices of Yoga and Aikido.  He is also the author of Reinvented Life and leads three global companies with one unified mission: to free a million people from financial bondage.

By bringing the principles of Yokido, which means Lethal Kindness, and the presence and generosity of the martial arts to entrepreneurship, finance and business, Damion is helping countless people find their personal freedom and confidence so money doesn’t continue to control their lives.

In this episode, you will learn how Damion got involved in the martial arts, how he teaches people to be present and grounded, how financial freedom is different from financial security as well as so much more.

Essential Learning Points:

  • [01:37] – What Damion is currently working on
  • [01:57] – Why his mission of freeing a million people from financial bondage is so important to him
  • [02:43] – The most energizing part of his mission and work
  • [04:10] – What the quote he has on his email signature line means to him
  • [05:21] – His journey into his epiphany about self-responsibility
  • [08:47] – How he got involved in the martial arts
  • [10:11] – Damion explains becoming the martial arts
  • [11:01] – Yokido and the process that gave birth to it
  • [12:58] – The three guiding principles of martial arts
  • [15:33] – Power vs Force inside and outside the arena of the martial arts
  • [19:20] – The importance of developing somatic awareness and its role in the journey to personal mastery
  • [20:27] – How he teaches people to be present and grounded
  • [22:09] – How he went from a Yokido martial artist to coaching clients about personal and financial freedom
  • [26:15] – What he’s learned about fear, overcoming fear, and finding confidence
  • [28:42] – How he teaches and helps people face fear and find confidence
  • [33:14] – Damion gives an example of his process of releasing someone from their fear to finding their inner confidence
  • [35:45] – How he defines financial freedom and how’s it’s different from financial security
  • [40:38] – The golden rule and the silver rule
  • [42:52] – Saying “no” more than saying “yes”
  • [44:13] – What a sense of purpose means to him and how it guides him in his work and the way he designs his life
  • [46:43] – How asking yourself how you can be of service to more people can force you to disrupt yourself and your business
  • [48:50] – What he’s currently working on to better himself
  • [50:16] – Where he thinks he’ll be 10 years from now
  • [51:01] – The advice he would give himself if he was 25 again searching to find his professional path
  • [52:06] – Final thoughts from Damion

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