Five Ideas for Your Reboot

 Five Ideas for Your Reboot

“We express our natural genius when we learn to be comfortable with ambiguity and the uncertainty of what comes next by listening deeply to our intuition when opportunities present themselves.”

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Episode Summary

In this episode, I provide five ideas to help you reboot, energize and propel yourself to new growth.

Essential Learning Points:

  • [01:33] – How I established a terrain of options over the last several years to boost my personal growth
  • [06:05] – The five things I learned over the last few months for your renewal and reboot
  • [06:18] – #1: Upgrade through challenge
  • [06:56] – #2: Simplify, digitize, automate, and delegate.
  • [07:46] – #3) Ride the opportunity waves
  • [08:38] – #4) Schedule your most important and creative work during your peak performance zone
  • [09:39] – #5: Listen to intuition deeply

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One thought on “Five Ideas for Your Reboot

  1. Hi Aviv, It has been a while since we’ve seen each other, but it seems we’ve been on a very similar journey. Healing Karmic patterns, systems dynamics, rebooting and replacing the operating system has been my work and continues to be my work. Thank you so much for the clarity that you have expressed here! I truly enjoy getting the Key and appreciate your thoughts.

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