Guide Leaders to New Horizons Through Poetry with Libby Wagner – Episode 2

Libby Wagner

“Development is not in solving all the contradictions of life, but rather in learning to hold and contain the greater contradiction of living.”

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Episode Summary

My guest for this 57-minute conversation is Libby Wagner, poet, author and sought-after speaker. To my knowledge, Libby is the only former poetry professor who is invited and welcomed warmly into boardrooms across the country. A trusted advisor for presidents, CEOs and executive directors, her work with numerous Fortune 500 companies has influenced the cultures of organizations such as The Boeing Company, Nike, Philips, and Costco. She is the author of the Amazon best seller The Influencing Option: The Art of Building a Profit Culture in Business. You can find her inspiring Ted talk Own Your Voice on YouTube. Libby’s unique approach enables executives to create dramatic, memorable impact by leading their organizations more confidently toward innovative horizons.

Essential Learning Points From This Episode

  • Why poetry both requires courage and how it inspires courage in leaders.
  • How to apply the four levels of listening within the context of building a practice of reflection.
  • How adopting a poet’s perspective can help you develop outcome-based thinking and communication.
  • Why leaders must resist the commoditization of language and ideas.
  • How to avoid a common problem with teams that quickly creates misunderstandings and breakdowns.

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